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DirectX 12: allowing developers to create “amazing scenes on screens.”

At the live Windows 10 event, Microsoft detailed DirectX 12 API.

DirectX12 670x437 300x195 DirectX 12: allowing developers to create “amazing scenes on screens.”DirectX 12 is said to give more control to developers, with more complexity and better frame rate performance in comparison to its predecessor DirectX 11, said Microsoft’s Phil Spencer.

Spencer also stated that DirectX 12 is said to cut the power consumption in half, allowing developers to create “amazing scenes on screens.” He also added that DirectX 12 enables more mobile devices to run “high-end” mobile games.

Spencer also mentioned that Unreal Engine 4 and Unity already support DirectX 12, and that developers are already developing with it.

Xbox becomes apart of Windows 10; Microsoft introduces streaming on PCs and tablets

Microsoft head Phil Spencer revealed that the upcoming Windows 10 operating system will support Xbox One game streaming.

xbox app windows 10 Xbox becomes apart of Windows 10; Microsoft introduces streaming on PCs and tablets

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could play those games [Xbox One games] anywhere in the house?” Spencer said inspiring intrigue.

The Xbox App will allow for streaming Xbox One games on both PCs and tablets, however no word was giving for Windows Phones, a platform in which Microsoft is also heavily invested. Continue reading

Microsoft: Xbox One GPU speed increased since E3

Microsoft have increased the GPU speed of the Xbox One, as well as some additions to the console.

Today, on the Major Nelson podcast, Microsoft vice president Marc Whitten spoke about some of the changes and additions they have been making to the Xbox One development kits since the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

“This is the time, and this is the thing I think people are going to see as we get into Gamescom and people get their first look at new things since E3,” said Whitten. “This is the time where developers have the final dev kits in their hands, they’re really working closely with us on how things have come together. There’s some things that have really started to come together quite well.”

8774876542 db448971d8 o Microsoft: Xbox One GPU speed increased since E3

“Since E3, an example is that we’ve dropped in what we internally call our mono driver,” Whitten added. “It’s our graphics driver that really is 100 percent optimised for the Xbox One hardware. You start with the base [DirectX] driver, and then you take out all parts that don’t look like Xbox One and you add in everything that really optimises that experience. Almost all of our content partners have really picked it up now, and I think it’s made a really nice improvement.”

“This is the time where we’ve gone from the theory of how the hardware works–what do we think the yield is going to look like, what is the thermal envelope, how do things come together–to really having them in our hands. That’s the time where you start tweaking the knobs. Either your theory was right dead on, or you were a little too conservative, or you were a little too aggressive. It’s actually been really good news for us, and an example of that is we’ve tweaked up the clock speed on our GPU from 800mhz to 853mhz.”

GTA 5: New gameplay trailer

On July 9th Rockstar’s official Youtube channel posted a new video, for the first time showing actual game play of the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5.
From what we can tell, the potential activities in this game are endless, with a very large map, possibly the biggest seen in the franchise, and a myriad of new options for things to do, character customization, etc. The biggest thing shown, for the first time 3 main characters will be used in the one game. These 3 characters are shown teaming up in missions, taking the player from controlling one player to another. Even in “down-time” in between missions the player can switch which character he is controlling, jumping into the daily happenings of one of the other characters.
We know you all are as excited about this game as we are, but what are you guys most excited about? What do you think will be the best new feature of GTA 5? Watch the video and comment below!                                                                                                                                                               (link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-xHcvug3WI&oref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DN-xHcvug3WI&has_verified=1 )

Microsoft: Xbox One online check-in takes “kilobytes, not megabytes”

Microsoft Studios’ vice president Phil Spencer said that the much talked about online check-in only takes “kilobytes, not megabytes.”

“It’s kilobytes, not megabytes. You can also set your console to always have the latest bits in a standby state,” said Spencer. Spencer added that, “If you have no ability to connect to the Internet, the Xbox One is not the console for you.” Re-iterating that phone tethering is also a viable option for those with shaky internet.

8774876542 db448971d8 o Microsoft: Xbox One online check in takes kilobytes, not megabytes

Spencer then noted, taking a broader look at the landscape, that the gaming environment as more than two devices. “We have more than one competitor,” Spencer told GameInformer in response to the PlayStation 4 more current consumer friendly approach. “When you think about where they play games today, they play on a lot of different devices. I think it’s wrong to think that the universe only consists of two things.”

 Microsoft: Xbox One online check in takes kilobytes, not megabytes

E3 2013: Kingdom Hearts III also launching on Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts III will also launch on Xbox One worldwide, Square Enix announced today during a presentation.

John Pleasants, CEO and co-founder of Disney Interactive, took to the stage at the presentation to say the game would be “the most action-packed” game in the series.

According to Pleasants, KHIII will feature a “mature” Sora on new adventures with Mickey, Donald and Goofy. He will travel to all-new Disney-themed worlds previously unseen in Kingdom Hearts.

E3 2013: Killer Instinct is free-to-play

Microsoft has just revealed that Killer Instinct will be an exclusive free-to-play on Xbox One.

According to one of the games producer, Killer Instinct will come with a free character fighter Jago, while players will need to pay for more characters. The decision was made because in most fighting games players only use a small number of characters. However, the producer didn’t divulge pricing information.

“Fighting games are big and expensive and they can be complicated. It’s very hard to get good at a number of characters,” the producer said. “You generally gravitate towards one or two or three or four at the most. We want players to be able to experience the game that way. Just buy the characters you want or buy them all and we’ll give you a discount on that.”

E3 2013: Dead Rising 3 announced exclusively for Xbox One

Microsoft has announced Dead Rising 3 exclusively for Xbox One; coming this holiday season.

Dead Rising 3 stars a new hero named Nick Ramos and is being developed by Capcom Vancouver. The game will be an open-world game and reportedly has no load times.

 E3 2013: Dead Rising 3 announced exclusively for Xbox One

Microsoft hasn’t lost focus, we should be excited

“I know the tech technically exists, but having it–entertainment and gaming–all integrated and in one place is really great.”

When Microsoft announced the original Xbox, it envisioned a device as “the center of the living room.” Fast-forward to the Xbox One announcement, everything seems to be in place.

But, many have already mentioned the #XboxReveal event as a “beginning of the end” for Microsoft, stating that it has “lost focus.” However, believe it or not, that was never the purpose of a Microsoft gaming console. Microsoft has always wanted its consoles to be the ultimate “all-in-one” entertainment machine with outstanding content.

8774876542 db448971d8 o Microsoft hasnt lost focus, we should be excited
With that being said, I completely understand the outcry from the Xbox fan base. But, this doesn’t mean the Xbox isn’t about gaming. Microsoft has always been about creating and delivering content–anything to keep players and consumers interested in its console.

“I know the tech technically exists, but having it–entertainment and gaming–all integrated and in one place is really great,” said an interested costumer about the Xbox One. It’s with this statement; I bring you the reason behind the #XboxReveal event.

However, the real statement here is: “Why would the hardcore gamer be interested in a TV/Xbox console?” Because, at its core, the Xbox One is an extremely powerful gaming device. And I believe that’s what many of us missed throughout the event. Think of it this way: this press conference was primarily about the upcoming long-rumored Apple vs. Microsoft war for living rooms. In fact, that’s what Apple news blogs have been talking about since the X1 reveal. E3 will be about console wars.