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Halo 4 is banning users across Xbox Live [Update]

343 Industries have posted a notice on Twitter, for those who are playing Halo 4 early, that a “technical glitch” is causing players to be banned across Xbox Live. People affected by the ban not only include people who have gained access to the game legally, but also illegally. 343 Industries along with Microsoft are […]

E3 2012: Burning Calories With Nike+ Kinect Training

Microsoft has announced its partnership with Nike, Inc. in Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox and Xbox Live. Tweet

Nightwing Comes To Batman: Arkham City

After an ocelot of speculation, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has confirmed the existence of Nightwing in Batman: Arkham City — the upcoming sequel to Arkham Asylum — in the announcement of the Nightwing Bundle Pack. The character will release with moves and gadgets unique to him, as well as the “Wayne Manor” and “Main Hall” […]

E3 2011: Microsoft – The New, New Xbox Experience

Microsoft have unveiled the brand new dashboard experience, incorporating the Kinect into the dashboard. The device can be used to control entire dashboard using voice commands, motion — accessing games and music with the simplest of commands. In addition, new content will be added t0 the dashboard, including support for YouTube and Bing, both of […]

CES 2011: Netflix Becomes Kinect Navigated

Microsoft, the industries leading software manufacture, have announced a spring software upgrade allowing for the use of Kinect, the control-free motion device, to navigate application menus. Ron Forbes, who works for the companies entertainment division, demoed the motion controlled versions of the applications, including Netflix, Hulu Plus and Zune Marketplace. “There you have it — […]

Hulu Streaming To Xbox Live?

Microsoft rocked the internet with the announcement of Netflix streaming into their console. That said, according to “a very reliable source“, Microsoft plans to do this again with the announced of Hulu streaming onto their console. Requiring a separate subscription fee — much like Netflix — the subscription service allows users the able to watch […]

Battlefield 1943 Hits 1 Million Units on Xbox Live

It’s apparent that Battlefield 1943 is one of the best downloadable titles this generation, and to prove this fact even more relevant, DICE has revealed that Battlefield 1943 has sold, and/or has been downloaded, over 1 Million times via Xbox Live; making Battlefield the fastest title to reach 1M units sold on the service. “The […]

EA Considering Charging For “Very Long” Demos

Electronic Arts have proven themselves as serious investors in digital distribution. That said, in continuation of their digital business approach, Michael Pachter, Wedbush industry analyst, revealed, at an investor event, Electronic Arts’ plans for a “premium downloadable content” — other-wise known as a paid downloadable content (PDLC) — approach. According to Pachter, the PDLC “would […]

Hirai Confirms PSN “Premium Level”

One the most important selling points of the PlayStation 3 is its no additional charge for online play feature. However, reports have been surfacing about a two-layered subscription model for the PlayStation Network – much like the levels of Xbox Live, but fundamentally different. During a presentation, emphasizing Sony’s plans to make its video game […]

Xbox Live Hits Record 2 Million Concurrent Users

Modern Warfare 2 has surpassed sales expectations, selling an estimated 4.7 million units within the first 24 hours; that’s an estimated $310 million in profit within 24 hours. As it turns out, people have been rushing onto Xbox Live to play Modern Warfare 2, respectively, with their friends; pushing the amount of online users to […]

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