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Red Steel 2 Releasing This Holiday, Wii MotionPlus

Yesterday, it was revealed that the sequel to UbiSoft’s gun-slingin’ sword-slashin’ Wii launch title, Red Steel 2 will be releasing this Holiday season.  In addition, it was revealed by UbiSoft that the title would feature Wii MotionPlus, which adds 1:1 position sensing to the Wiimote.  This will mean that the game can “sense the strength of a swing”, reading […]

Wii To Get ‘Resident Evil Classics’

While many of us are making our way through Resident Evil 5, Capcom has announced – at RE5 launch party – that the Nintendo Wii  will be getting two ’Resident Evil classics’. The collaboration will be feature the first Resident Evil remake and series prequel Resident Evil Zero with added motion control, according to N-Europe. While it […]

Dead Space Extraction Officially Announced

After John Riccitiello revealed the games extents, it looks like EA is finally ready to reveal the game. Today,  Electronic Arts have announced  Dead Space Extraction, an all-new chapter from the studio that delivered the award-winning action-horror Dead Space game. Built from the ground up and developed exclusively for the Wii, Dead Space Extraction is a prequel […]

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution Preview

Lets get Ready 2 Rumble!!! This was just one of the many lasting impressions that the game left on us from our last fight vs. Michel Jackson. But, that was a long time ago and it now seems that the title is ready for another championship battle. Retaining much of the same elements that gave […]

E3 08: Wiimote Improved, Wii MotionPlus

Today, maybe all about Microsoft but, that can’t stop Nintendo at all. We got news that Nintendo is set to present a new accessory, in detail, for improving the performance of its Wiimote. They call the accessory the Wii MotionPlus, which is set to provide the response time of 1:1, which happens to be an […]

Innocent Aces New Pics & Details

If you loved the high action Ace Combat series then, this Nintendo Sky Flyer is just what you have been looking for.With alot riding in the terms of gameplay and this game show pushing that it can bump big heads with the Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. Today we where able to get our […]

Konami 08 Lineup For Gamer’s Night

Critter Round-Up Release date: May 2008 Genre: Puzzle/Action Platform: WiiWare As Konami’s first WiiWare title, Critter Round-Up introduces a fun puzzle game where players are challenged with separating each different critter species into their own area by building fences. Avoid the predators and other mischievous animals as they will try and stop you from rounding […]

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