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Pint Shot Riot!’s Baby Dave Interview – “A Gaming Music Generation”

I recent had the chance to sit down with Pint Shot Riot’s Baby Dave to talk about their future within the gaming industry and what they think of it thus far. GCO: I’ll like to start this interview with some general questions — if you don’t mind. How do you feel about video games this day […]

Brain Size Can Predict Your Gaming Performance

Have you ever sucked at a game? And whatever you did, or do, you continued to suck? (Yeah, me too.) But, there’s a theory behind the madness. In a study published in The Journal of the Cerebral Cortex, it revealed that the size of your brain can actually have an affect on your gaming skills. […]

Mass Effect Trilogy To Finish on 360

Despite having previously stated that trilogy’s exclusiveness is “in the question”, the Mass Effect series lead project director, Casey Hudson revealed that the trilogy, just like how it started, will finish on Microsoft’s platform. When questioned about the trilogy going multi-platform, Hudson had a couple of choice words: “You get the Xbox 360 or your […]

Netflix Streaming To Wii

Netflix plans to continue its domination of the video streaming market with its newest partnership, introducing its steaming service onto the Wii. According to Netflix, the program is scheduled to release onto Nintendo’s platform this spring, and it will require consumers to reserve a disc in-order to participate (they also must have an account, of […]

CES ’10: Alan Wake DLC Episodes After Release

Alan Wake is most likely one of the most anticipated titles of this year, with it nearing development completion, Microsoft revealed during the Consumer Electronics Show that Alan Wake will indeed have “downloadable episodes” after its release — something that was previously mentioned in an interview. “We have talked about it, and with our episode-based […]

Aliens vs. Predator Unbanned In Australia

When in a convosation, Australia is a topic that every developer hates to talk about — mainly because their games, if violent, get banned within a split scond in Australia. But, not Rebellion. Because Australia’s Classification Review Board has reversed their decision to ban Aliens vs. Predator in Australia, with no content to be changed or removed. […]

High Moon Clears Up Gears of War Inspiration Statement

High Moon Studios have drawn inspiration from Epic’s Gears of War series in the development of Transformers: War of Cybertron, the newest Tranformers game — the developer stated this when announcing the game. However, when speaking to Transformers World 2005, High Moon’s Matt Tieger clearify what they really meant by Gears being a inspiration. Pondering […]

VGA 09: The Force Unleashed II Revealed

When they announced that a new Star Wars title would be shown, the prime suspect was automatically a sequel to The Force Unleashed – mainly because the game sold a total of 5.7 million copies. That said, surly enough, the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed sequel was revealed during the “most important moment for gaming”, the […]

VGA 09: Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 Announced

During the 2009 Video Game Awards, The Joker took the stage to announced the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham Asylum 2. Boasting itself as “the sequel [that we] didn’t see coming”, Arkham Asylum 2 is being development at Rocksteady Studios, who’s the developer of the first title. Featuring crime-ridden city streets, the trailers […]

Medal of Honor Redeploys In Fall 2010, Gets Modern

Afghanistan is at the center of the media’s attention when it comes to politics. However, today, it seems that the topic has shifted from politics onto video games. Today, Electronic Arts announced a newly revamped Medal of Honor – simply entitled Medal of Honor – taking place within the present-day war-torn setting. Inspired by real […]

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