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Midnight Club’s Future In Jeopardy

When you think about racing video games, one of the first games that come to mind would be Midnight Club. However, when conducting an investigation of Rockstar San Diego — because of the recent work condition accusations — anonymous sources (within the company, of course) spoke about Midnight Club’s future.

“Jay Panek and Mark Garone, people who were at the company for over 10 years, were fired in 2009 after the completion of Midnight Club: LA … other major people quit, as they lost hope in the company after the handling of MC:LA and didn’t want to work on Red Dead Redemption,” reported one source.

When questioned about the possibility of there being another title, a second source relayed to Joystiq that “there was going to be another”. But, soon after the team got the news, they had been outsourced. However, at the time, a small development team were still developing the title. Then, after a while, nothing happen. So anything could, and would, happen to the Midnight Club series at this point, seeing that Take-Two, its big brother, wants something soon.

Analyst: Modern Warfare 2’s First Day Sales Could Total 7 Million

Modern Warfare 2 is estimated to sell a total of 12 million units within the remaining year; that’s between the months of October and December. That said, this morning, it was revealed that Modern Warfare 2 sold over 1.23 million units in the UK in 24 hours.

According to GameSpot, using the UK sales estimation, Broadpoint AmTech analyst Ben Schachter stated that the overall first day sales of Modern Warfare 2 could total 7 million units worldwide. “While the two-times week-one tally for GTA IV may seem aggressive, the bottom line is that we believe current consensus estimates of around 12 million for the December quarter may end up being conservative,” he told analyst.

I’ll explain this for those that need help understanding it how he got the total. Seeing that most UK sales portion that of those in the United States, he did a rough estimation coming to the total of 7 million units sold worldwide on its first day. However, if this estimation is true, this would mean that Modern Warfare 2 is the fastest selling video game, period. Along with that, VGChartz are reporting that the game sold 7 million units worldwide on its first day.

Quantic Dream Censors Heavy Rain For Different Regions

It shouldn’t came as any surprise that Quantic Dream would doing this after Heavy Rain’s nude scene controversy. In order to keep Heavy Rain from getting banned in other regions of the world, Quantic Dream is censoring the game, said the game’s exclusive producer.

In an interview pushing Heavy Rain towards the Japanese market, Guillaume de Fondaumiere told viewers that although Heavy Rain is designed for the mature audience, it may not be expected everywhere, and for that, the developer will be censoring it for those regions.

“We wanted to have pretty much the same game everywhere, be it Europe, in the United States, or in Japan, of course, with slight adaptions,” he said. “But I don’t think the changes we made will make a big difference; those are real modular things. We felt the need to adapt the content to the culture.”

Heavy Rain is scheduled to launch early in 2010, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Bayonetta Gets Awarded With Perfect Score From Famitsu [Updated]

Update: The reports are incorrect. According to a picture taken of the magazine (click to view NSFW), Beyonetta didn’t actually get that “prefect score”. Instead, Beyonetta manage at total of 38 points out of 40 – 40 being the highest that any game can receive from the magazine.

Original: While we’re anticipating its release here in the United States, over in Japan, Famitsu has handed Bayonetta a “perfect score” – which isn’t a honor handed out freely by the magazine.

Until today, only eleven (well, now twelve) games have ever been given that honor by the magazine. So this kind of a big deal. However, within the last two years [2008-2009] three games have been given this honor, which leaves one to question the scoring by Famitsu.

[Famitsu Awards Bayonetta A Perfect Score via Kotaku]

Resistance 3 Billboard Spotted

With A Crack in Time” recently turning gold, Insomniac has already revealed that it has started development on another title. The big shocker being that a billboard, spotted somewhere in Louisiana, is advertising a third installment into Insomniac’s Resistance series. Here’s the story:

When driving past the exploded Gas Station set for Battle: Los Angeles, an upcoming movie, avid NeoGAF user goldsoundz spotted a billboard advertisement (linked) of Resistance 3. However, long story short, he/she took a picture, and now it has people questioning if Insomniac is developing another Resistance title.

Here’s to why: if this Resistance 3 billboard is to be used as in film advertisement, this would suggest that we should expect to see R3 somewhere in 2011. However, Insomniac Games has yet to comment.

TGS 09: Dead Rising 2 “Terror is Reality” Trailer


The world as we know it is coming to a end! You don’t believe me? Then check out the multiplayer trailer (entitled “Terror is Reality”) for Capcom‘s Dead Rising 2, and witness that this terror is actually a reality.

Dead Rising 2 is set several years after the infamous zombie invasion of Willamette. Unfortunately, the zombie virus was not contained at the conclusion of Dead Rising, spreading unchecked throughout the United States and Dead Rising 2 depicts a country where zombie outbreaks continue to strike.

TGS 09: Nintendo Announces Wii Price Cut, $199

Today, Nintendo confirmed that the Nintendo Wii, “the world’s most popular home video game system”, will receive a price cut. The price cut will take effect on September 27 in the United States, and, as advertised, the console will drop down to $199.99 – which is exactly $50 less then the current price of $249.99.

“Wii has reached more video game players than any game system before because it attracts everyone—both men and women, and people of all ages,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Our research shows there are 50 million Americans thinking about becoming gamers, and this more affordable price point and our vast array of new software mean many of them can now make the leap and find experiences that appeal to them, whatever their tastes or level of gaming experience.”

TGS 09: Splinter Cell: Conviction Gets New Release Date

So what! Conviction didn’t actually make its 2009 release schedule, but those who are eagerly awaiting Sam Fisher’s return won’t have to wait much longer. According to IGN, UbiSoft officially “nailed” its release date, basically, setting it up for a February 23rd release in the United States.

For those in Europe, you’ll have to wait a couple of extra days – exactly how many “extra days” is still a mystery. Also, both the Xbox 360 and PC versions will hit store selves at the same time, which is more good news. “The added few months of development time is being used for final polishing and tweaking,” added Ubisoft. More news on the European release date should be revealed soon.

Final Fantasy XIII Coming To The West Spring 2010


During the Final Fantasy XIII premiere party, Square Enix announced the Japanese release date for Final Fantasy XIII, which is this December the 17th. However, we’re located  in America, and we want to know when we’ll be able to get our hands on the game. So here’s the question Square, what’s Final Fantasy XIII’s North American release date?

Answering the question, Yoichi Wada, president and CEO of Square Enix, told the press that they’re aiming for an “international release [next] spring”. But, seeing that he said “international”, not American. This gives hope to the Europeans that they may actually see the game at the same time as Americans, which is a very good thing. Once again, the game has been confirmed for a December 17th release in Japan and goes on sale at about ¥9240.