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Photos: Tom Hardy as Bane

The Dark Knight Rises has arrived in Pittsburgh — in addition to some spoiler-heavy images from the set. The first images reveals Tom Hardy in his Bane costume and the second from a desert cameo-covered version of the Tumbler.

Bane Returns In Arkham City

Bane made his way across the internet all thanks in part to his role in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises movie. But, more importantly, the titian-charged supervillain will be returning to the video game scene.

In issue #5 of the Batman: Arkham City comic book series, it was revealed that Bane will be returning for Batman: Arkham City, the sequel to the greatest comic book video game of all time. Here’s the summary:

“Inside Arkham City, entrapped criminals have to find new ways to keep themselves occupied. In Bane’s case, he’s binding his time by running an extreme fighting ring. The lack of serious competition leaves him frustrated, until an otherwise lackluster opponent produces a big surprise. The result may inspire Bane to take on deadlier hobbies.”