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Super Street Fighter IV Won’t Have An Arcade Version

Although its predecessor, Street Fighter IV, has a very successful arcade version, it seems that the newest expansion Super Street Fighter IV won’t be getting an arcade release, after all – its producer Yoshinoro Ono told GamesReactor in a reveal interview about Super Street Fighter IV. “So, unfortunately, I’m sorry to say to arcade fans […]

Capcom Unveils Super Street Fighter IV, Not Downloadable

Now that Street Fighter IV has done series justice, Capcom is looking to expand the series with a new title called Super Street Fighter IV, reports GameSpot. In which Capcom plans on improving everything about the original, meaning more playable characters, new ultra combos, improved online features, and rebalanced characters. However, this isn’t a downloadable […]

Resident Evil 5 Sells 4.4 Million Copies

It looks like this awesome game has awesome sales. When speaking at the Reuters Global Technology Summit in Tokyo last week, Capcom CFO Kazuhiko Abe has revealed that Resident Evil 5 has sold 4.4 million copies worldwide since its launch in March. “We are still enjoying strong demand, very strong demand, that is,” Abe said […]

Killzone 2 Sabotages Halo Wars

Killzone 2 has accumulated to a great start  last week and there is nothing like coming in first place. Despite not being a top dog, Guerrilla’s First Person Shooter (FPS) became fourth fastest selling Sony title ever released in the U.K. falling right behind Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Halo Wars then came in at second […]

Capcom vs. SNK 3 Is Very Not Impossible?

If you will, take a trip back with me to 2001 and, would you kindly, try to remember all the gaming related rumors that were revealed in that year. I know that it’s hard to recollect, but there was one very interesting rumor that I will never forget, and that was the Capcom vs. SNK […]

Street Fighter IV Coming In February To Japan

As it was stated in many reports over the last week, Street Fighter IV will not be spending this holiday season, in Japan, under a tree. In a press event held in Tokyo, Capcom release its plans to reveal Street Fighter IV in Japan in February of ’09 on both on Xbox 360 and PlayStation […]

Capcom: No More Platform Exclusives

What makes you buy a video game system? Is it the system itself or is it the platform exclusives? Looks like Capcom will no longer be willing to make anymore platform exclusives for all three of the system that are right now out on the market. This report comes from the company’s fiscal year 2008 […]

New SF IV Characters: Fei Long and Dan Revealed

Confirmed last month in an issue of Famistu, Capcom has now confirmed in update on the official Japanese website for their upcoming video game, Street Fighter IV, that the game will be receiving two new protagonists. You can bit to see new video game of the game soon showing one or not if both of […]

Yoshinori Ono Thinking Street Fighter V?

While the fourth version, Street Fighter IV, has only just landed in the land of the Rising Sun, and that version does emerge at home until this winter. The producer of Street Fighter IV, Yoshinori Ono, already mentioned the next episode of the series in a brief interview. In an interview with MTV’s Multiplayer Blog, […]

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