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Lost Planet 3 Heads to Extreme Conditions

Talk about the unexpected. Capcom has unveiled, to a team of journalist at its Captivate event in Rome, that its teamed up with Californian-based developer Spark Unlimited to publish Lost Planet 3.

This will be the first Lost Planet title develop outside of Capcom — however the Spark Unlimited is collaborating with the Japanese publisher throughout the projects development.

“I’ve had a lot of ideas about the series that I haven’t been able to realise until now – in particular how I can make the player perform a certain action or make them feel a certain way,” said co-creator Kenji Oguro. “These are the kinds of things I put a lot of thought into realising the third Lost Planet. In that regard, it kind of makes good on a lot the lingering ideas we had for the series in general.”

Lost Planet 3 is expected to launch in 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Legendary Review “Turning Point: Fall of Liberty”

When we first saw this game I tough that it was a very good idea, but then again I also tough that Turning Point was a great idea. And to me this game isn’t what legends should be made of, but at least it was better then Spark’s last, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. And for some apparent reason I just can’t stop talking about Turning Point, but lets at least see if this game is the right game for you.

Legendary tells the not so simple story of Charles Deckard, who is somehow duped into opening Pandora’s Box while on a routine heist. Right after opening the box his hand is scared by the signet of Pandora, which gives him the power to absorb Animus energy that emanates out of fallen enemy giving you the ability to restore your health and stun enemy’s.

The game really does play like a normal FPS, but has some very clunky shooting and some of the weapons carry bit of weight, which kinda gives it that troop feeling. And sadly the games AI does help it one bit. Enemies are frequently getting stuck in walls and the games human AI are just as brilliant as the enemy’s. And it’s kinda sad that these were some issues that plagued their last game. Speaking of, some of the perfect shots don’t register with the game, which can make fighting off enemy’s harder.

And it doesn’t just end there, the game has only one multi-player mode which is just happens to be a creative one. In this mode two teams race to fill a node with Animus energy by hunting NPC werewolves, we know it doesn’t sound that bad, but with this game – if more modes were added – it could have been saved by its online community.

Closing Statement:

In spite of Legendary’s many failings, the game is one of those games that you just can’t pass on but if you buy it you may want to know that this game is just a rent, not along term commitment. It does have a really good script set throughout the full game. And if you enjoyed Turning Point: Fall of Liberty this is for you, but if you hated it please give this game a try because even if it has the same problems as it, it’s still better than it.

Score: C-