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Sony: We’re Ahead of Xbox In Europe

In recent reports it was revealed that the 360 was “beating PS3 in Europe.” As simple as it may sound, Sony has moved to dispel Microsoft claims revealing internal figures that say its console has sold 300,000 more units than Xbox 360 in PAL territories. And the company also doesn’t feel it has to follow […]

Sony: “Disc-Based Delivery System Will Fall”

First it was "Blu-ray is the wave of the future" now Sony seems to think that the "disc-based delivery system will fall". According to a report giving by the guys over at Destructoid, SCEE president David Reeves said, at a developer conference in London, that the future is the PlayStation Network. At the conference he […]

PlayStation Day 08: Killzone 2 Video Impression

In the last day or so we have observed many gameplay videos for Sony’s upcoming game Killzone 2. Has we set here at home we note all the video we have seen so far this game is nothing short of a hit. The game has to be one of best looking games I have ever […]

PlayStation Day 08: New Resistance 2 Screenshots

At PlayStation Day in London Sony revealed the first ever gameplay video for Resistance 2, now after all the shock we finally get in game screenshots for Resistance 2. The screenshot aren’t of Nathan Hale or of any Chimera but, the game still looks amazing any way you put. The game is scheduled for a […]

PlayStation Day 08: Killzone 2 delayed In Europe

The fans who were long awaiting Sony’s blockbuster, Killzone 2, will have to wait abit longer to finally get the game in there hands. Today, at a press conference held at PlayStation Day in London Sony announced that Killzone 2 will be available February of 09. It’s unclear at the moment if it is a […]

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