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Prototype Preview “As Big As All Manhattan”

If there’s one thing gamers really like, it’s freedom. An open world to explore and do whatever they want, especially when they have godlike powers that let them morph into any shape and wreak havoc on an entire city. Prototype promises to be that game. As Alex Mercer, a genetically altered man who has lost […]

Radical Will Be Getting Massive Lay Offs

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that video game company Radical Entertainment will be laying off about 100 employees, which is almost half its staff. The decision was made by the company’s owner, Activision Blizzard, to reduce the number of titles Radical produces. “Activision Blizzard is committed to making the best games possible and has elected […]

The Bourne Conspiracy 2 Was In Development

Thats right. Radical Entertainment has already started development on a new Bourne game entitled The Bourne Conspiracy 2: Treadstone. The game was set to be a multi-player online game, which is set in the world of Bourne. But, the games production was put on halt, so their hoping that a new publisher will revive it. […]

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