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Prototype Preview “As Big As All Manhattan”

If there’s one thing gamers really like, it’s freedom. An open world to explore and do whatever they want, especially when they have godlike powers that let them morph into any shape and wreak havoc on an entire city. Prototype promises to be that game.

As Alex Mercer, a genetically altered man who has lost his memory, you wield amazing shape-shifting powers which you’ll need to find those responsible for radically changing you and exact your revenge. You’ll have to rip and shred your way through a populated New York City brimming with citizens, military and a faction of “infected” individuals. It’s a three-way war between you, the military and those who’ve been infected by a strange virus. You’ll have to uncover the dark conspiracy that lies at the heart of everything that’s happened to you and the people around you.

One of the ways Prototype sets itself apart from other, similar games is in how you use Alex’s different abilities. By consuming any living person you come in contact with, you actually absorb their memories, physical appearance and any special abilities they had to use at your disposal. As you do this you unlock the memories they had which give you clues to your own identity, solving the overall puzzle of what’s happened to you, and why. Plus, you can mix the abilities and unique characteristics of those you absorb to become even more powerful, combining them into weapons like razor sharp claws, blades, armored skin, shields and more. In effect, you become the ultimate weapon giving you countless ways to play.


Borrowing from games like Mirror’s Edge, the art of “Parkour” was a huge influence on the way Alex moves – nothing is an obstacle for Alex as he smoothly negotiates a bustling New York City. Up walls, over cars and scaling high buildings are seemingly effortless actions for Alex and his super-human strength and agility.

Another unique element present in Prototype is Alex’s ability to blend into a crowd by looking like anyone – a soldier, a citizen or an officer. You can choose a full-frontal assault or go for a more stealthy way of infiltrating the enemy. For example, consume a victim who has access to restricted areas and assume his identity to move in and out, undetected. Want to steal a helicopter but you don’t know how to fly one? Sneak up on a pilot and absorb his piloting skills. Soon enough, you’ll be able commandeer other vehicles, such as cars and tanks, by consuming even more people around you. Use these vehicles to do as much damage as possible and then disappear if the action gets too hot. You’ll easily be able to slip in and out of restricted areas throughout New York City to learn as much as you can about what’s going on behind the scenes.

In a game as big as all Manhattan, you can bet you’ll be in for some seriously tough boss battles! Yet, even in a setting as big as this, you’ll feel the world closing in on you as you are surrounded by thousands of pedestrians, hundreds of different vehicles and a thriving representation of the world’s most famous city.

Set for release in June of 2009, Radical Entertainment looks set to unleash a very promising game full of astounding possibilities for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.


Radical Will Be Getting Massive Lay Offs

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that video game company Radical Entertainment will be laying off about 100 employees, which is almost half its staff. The decision was made by the company’s owner, Activision Blizzard, to reduce the number of titles Radical produces.

“Activision Blizzard is committed to making the best games possible and has elected at this time to reduce the number of titles that Radical is developing from four games to two,” Leah Rubin, Radical’s vice-president of human resources, in an email. “Therefore, we will be proportionately reducing the size of our studio.”

Activision Blizzard said it would go ahead with five games including Radical’s Crash Bandicoot, and Prototype, a new game created by Radical that will debut in 2009. The reductions come in the wake of an ownership change last month that saw France-based Vivendi, which owns Radical, and American video software company Activision, join forces as Activision Blizzard.

The Bourne Conspiracy 2 Was In Development

Thats right. Radical Entertainment has already started development on a new Bourne game entitled The Bourne Conspiracy 2: Treadstone. The game was set to be a multi-player online game, which is set in the world of Bourne. But, the games production was put on halt, so their hoping that a new publisher will revive it.


According to VideoGamesBlogger, they where looking into making a Bourne in videogame license.

Jeff Weiner, CEO of Ludlum Entertainment:

“Videogames are capital intensive and time intensive to develop. We don’t want to do one-offs,”