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E3 2012: There’s No Dying In Beyond: Two Souls Because “It’s Complicated”

In Beyond: Two Souls, the main character Jodie Holmes can’t die because it’s, well, “complicated.” Quantic Dream producer David Cage said that “the game over experience has always been a very complicated thing.” Cage argued that when the character dies then the player loses a part of the immersion, having to go back and experience things over […]

Quantic Dream Revealing Next Project at E3

Quantic Dream founder David Cage is expected to reveal the developers next “major” project at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, according to a senior development source. The development source also revealed that studio is currently working on two separate “mystery” projects in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment, though it is still unclear whether both are […]

Quantic Dream Introduces Kara

Quantic Dream demoed their latest motion capturing engine at the Game Developers Conference — labeled “Kara.” Kara is meant to be the foundations for the developers next project. Quantic Dream founder David Cage said that the new engine features a “direct-to-engine” pipeline that allows a development teams to work with the motion capture data with […]

Heavy Rain Expected For Hollywood

Heavy Rain was develop as an “interactive drama”. However, developer Quantic Dream have plans to push Heavy Rain as another form of entertainment, a movie. According to Deadline, Quantic Dream are close to signing a movie deal with Unique Features. Unique Features is the newest venture of former New Line Cinema executives Bob Shaye and […]

Heavy Rain Breaks A Million

It’s official: Heavy Rain is a hit — it has received both commercial and critical praise, and it has now sold over 1 million units worldwide. With it exceeding sales expectations, Sony have announced that, during its first five weeks on the market, Heavy Rain has sold over 1 million units worldwide. “It has been hugely […]

Heavy Rain Requires 4.5GB Install

Prepare your HDD because, just like many other games on the system, Heavy Rain requires an install; respectively to help eliminate in-game hiccups. According to JustPushPlay, Heavy Rain’s installation will set you back exactly 4.5 gigabytes of space, however exactly how long the install will take, is still a mystery. Tweet

Heavy Rain To Get Playable Demo

Heavy Rain is, undoubtedly, one of our most anticipated games of next year. However, like I stated so many times, fans need something for waiting so long, and for Heavy Rain being delayed so many times. With that said, Quantic Dream head, David Cage, told G4 that “[they're] currently working on a demo” for Heavy […]

Quantic Dream Censors Heavy Rain For Different Regions

It shouldn’t came as any surprise that Quantic Dream would doing this after Heavy Rain’s nude scene controversy. In order to keep Heavy Rain from getting banned in other regions of the world, Quantic Dream is censoring the game, said the game’s exclusive producer. In an interview pushing Heavy Rain towards the Japanese market, Guillaume de Fondaumiere told […]

TGS 09: Heavy Rain’s Nude Scene Revealed [NSFW]

There’s no doubt in our mines that Heavy Rain is totally going to kick butt when it releases next year; its developers Quantic Dream are very primed on delivering an adult story with an adult narrative. And what wouldn’t be a better way of doing so; then to do so. As you can tell by […]

Heavy Rain Pushed Into 2010, “Space To Live”

This holiday season we’re going to have to dig deep into our pockets to find the money for buying video games, like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Brutal Legend, and Assassin’s Creed II. But, the developers behind Heavy Rain want their project to be really successful. And have push the game back beyond the […]

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