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New Saints Row 2 Images

Due out in October for the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3, Saints Row 2 continues to reveal it self to us through some new screenshots. Some of the screenshots are just as amazing as the trailer we saw sometime back, so we know that THQ is cooking up something good. The game even mocked Grand Theft Auto IV in a video, which compared the games to one another. You can view the images below:

77977_saints-row-2.jpg 77989_saints-row-2.jpg 77980_saints-row-2.jpg 77983_saints-row-2.jpg

R2-D2 Coming to Soul Calibur IV Soon

In a scan from a Japanese magazine revealed that Star War’s R2-D2 will be a playable character in the upcoming Soul Calibur IV, which will release on PS3 and Xbox 360 on July 29.

At this time we are not sure if this is a console specific character that will be added to the game seeing the Xbox and PlayStation are very different from each other featuring two different character’s from the Star War’s Universe.

Here’s a Translation of the Profile of R2-D2 according to the scan.
Age: Unknown
Race: Astromech Droid
Place of Birth: Industrial Automation
Height: 96cm
Weight: Depends on add on gear
Birth Date: Unknown
Blood Type: None
Weapon: Stun Arm, Saber Launcher
Style: J Type Defense Program

[CNG4U] [N4G]

Qore Episode 2 Features Resistance 2

On the PlayStation Network you will be happy to see Episode 2 as it hits the PLAYSTATION Network today. In this month Episode here is what you can expect to see.

  • Resistance 2 – The big cover story for this issue is Insomniac’s upcoming PS3-exclusive FPS. Bonus! You get to see host Veronica Belmont don a mo-cap suit just for this game.
  • Silent Hill: Homecoming – A look at Konami’s upcoming horror game.
  • Madden Twenty Year Retrospective
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm – Exclusive first playable demo.

Qore is set at the lovely price $2.99 per each episode,$24.99 for a year subscription.But Remember if your waiting patiently for the SOCOM Confrontation beta you will need to Hold On to Issue 1. We will tell you when there ready with the beta.

Innocent Aces New Pics & Details

If you loved the high action Ace Combat series then, this Nintendo Sky Flyer is just what you have been looking for.With alot riding in the terms of gameplay and this game show pushing that it can bump big heads with the Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. Today we where able to get our hands on this game from a member of NeoGAF in the form of some very unbelievable pictures.

Innocent Aces, and it’s story follows the encounter between the protagonist, a member of a skilled flying unit belonging to a war contractor called Rostok Office, and an enigmatic young pretender, a lady called Orishina Maumi.

Players can use the Nunchuck’s analog stick to direct Sky Crawlers’ airborne vehicles, while the Wii Remote controls the power of the throttle.

While Japan will see this title this summer with a movie of the same name, the U.S. may see this game later this year.


New Xbox 360 Price Drop At E3

Goes Down According to some analysts, Microsoft could lower the price of its Xbox 360 in the USA. The manufacturer is expected at E3 2008 to make the announcement, which will position Microsoft with a new generation console price that will exceede the competition.

Also the analysts thinks that the increase in sales of the PlayStation 3 – due to the success of Metal Gear Solid 4 – is the reason for the price drop.

[Microsoft to cut US Xbox 360 price at E3, says analyst via GI.BIZ]

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault ‘First Wave’ Video

Today Sierra Entertainment released a new video for there upcoming real-time tactical video game World in Conflict: Soviet Assault for the PS3 and Xbox 360.This game was released for the PC back in 2007 and this game is due on retail stores in Fall 2008.This video made up of real in-game footage plays nice self suding music with live in-game sound.

80GB PS3 Motorstorm Bundle Discontinued

Sony has just confirmed to the guys over at Joystiq that the 80GB PlayStation 3 bundled with Motorstorm , is no longer being supplied to retailers. Here’s what Sony had to say "Retailers aren’t getting any new inventory of the 80GB Motorstorm bundle,". Yeah, that’s how they put it down, short and simple.

We just want you to know that this doesn’t mean that the 80GB model is out of production, in fact Sony is switching there focus to the forthcoming 80GB bundle that features a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 and a DualShock 3.

[Sony: 80GB PS3 Motorstorm bundle discontinued via Joystiq]

Army of Two Veteran Map Pack Details

After putting the pack SSC Challenge on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last month, Electronic Arts continues to fuel Army of Two with a new Map Pack. The DLC will include two new campaigns modes, the first send Salem and Rios in a subway station where they must put an end to the activities of a mafia group, while the second puts players in the headquarters of the SSC Miami, where you are tasked with the job of dispatching Dalton.


Street Fighter 4 Coming To PC This Winter

SF4 According to Jeux-Video, a site reserved for press only state that Capcom’s Street Fighter 4 will be headed on the PC this winter. This means that the game will be heading on to 3 systems the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. We really don’t know why Capcom will keep some like this to themself but we have contacted them about the matter.

[Street Fighter 4 sur Playstation 3, Xbox 360 et… via Jeux-Video]

Dragonball Z: Burst Limit Final Fight Goku vs Frieza

Namco Bandai has released a new video gameplay for there upcoming game DragonBall Z: Burst Limit. There isn’t much i can’t tell you (other than the fact its the final fight between Goku vs Frieza), your just going to check out the video for yourself.

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is complete with online battles, 3D graphic, enhanced playable characters, realistic battle stages, and much more. The story takes place from beginning of the Saiyan Saga to the end of the Cell Saga. The video game based off the popular anime show Dragon Ball Z, the game is releasing for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.