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Uncharted: Eye of Indra – Episode 1

Naughty Dog released the first episode of Uncharted: Eye of Indra, the motion comic series following the early adventures of Nathan Drake – the main protagonist for Uncharted series – before the events of Drake Fortune, on PlayStation Store. “We actually started [Among Thieves] game with an idea for a prequel story that we eventually […]

Valkyria Chronicles Gets Re-Release In Japan

Probably one of the most under-appreciated titles in 2008 – it even won many “Most Overlooked” Awards – it makes sense that the title would be getting a re-release in the part of the world that RPGs are most dominant. After all, there were many reports that the game was not selling well in North […]

Jimi Hendrix DLC In Guitar Hero: World Tour

Guess what? It’s what you’ve been waiting for. Jimi Hendrix will now have downloadable content for Guitar Hero: World Tour. After announcing the news before the games release, the rock legend will now have a set of three songs coming out on November 13th. To be more specific the DLC will contain the songs If 6 was […]

MAG: Massive Action Game First Screenshot

M.A.G was first reveled at E3 2008 as of now the game is on fully on track coming from the people at Zipper Interactive and Sony Computer Entertainment. M.A.G will be playable with an amazing 256 players online. In case you did not know Zipper Interactive were the people behind the tactical third-person shooter SOCOM: […]

Burnout Paradise Getting Trophies In Future Update

In a post on the Official PlayStation Blog, Simon Phillips Criterion Games designer made a confirmation that It’s open world set in the fictional Burnout Paradise City will soon support PS3’s upcoming trophy system after the future update Cagney which will hit on July 10. As for the post made he did mention that the […]

Dark Cloud 3 exclusively for PS3?

PSMania, an Italian PlayStation magazine, sayed Level 5 is developing Dark Cloud 3 exclusively for the PS3. We where able to get a translation into English. "One of our infiltrates, has revealed that Level 5 is working on a new Dark Cloud exclusively for the PlayStation 3. This title will come out in March of […]

Watch Playstation 3 Qore In Action

If you live outside of North America you will have to wait a while to experience qore for your self this monthly interactive video production covers the world of PlayStation.With exclusive behind-the-scenes access to developers and their games, from both the SCE Worldwide Studios and the third-party community and the user’s have control and direct […]

Entertainment Software Rates Suikoden

The ESRB has rated Suikoden as a PSone Classics release for the PlayStation Store, the game was first revealed back in the 1996. The Suikoden series was created, written, produced, and overseen by Yoshitaka Murayama, who left Konami near the end of Suikoden III’s development. Noritada Matsukawa took over as Senior Director of Suikoden III […]

HAZE Demo Coming to EU PlayStation Store Next Week

Today, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced that their European store will be the first to receive the Haze Demo on Tuesday (May/6/2008) the European store will also have two updates next week due to the PlayStation Day event that they will be holding. With Haze being a major part of Sony Huge Keynote this just […]

Canadian PlayStation Store Pricing Fixed

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced today that it will be adjusting the prices of downloadable content on the PlayStation Store for Canada during tomorrow’s weekly update. Canadian residents have been getting angry at Sony due to being overprices, and Sony is finally addressing it. "We are continually looking for ways to enhance the player experience […]

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