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New MechWarrior Title Announced, Awesome!!!


Ever since the MechWarrior 4 expansion pack released in 2002, fans have been waiting, hoping for another MechWarrior title to cool their Mech fighting needs. Now, seven years later, their prayers, and hopes, have been answered.

First shown via a teaser trailer, we can now confirm that there is a new MechWarrior title in development at Piranha Games, who recently HELPED with the newest Transformer title.

Anyway, this new title is simply entitled MechWarrior, and will serve as a reboot for the franchise. You’ll still be piloting mechs, but the developers reckon that current console technology will for the first time let you feel like you’re really behind the sticks of a giant fighting robot.

They’re also shooting for a “dynamic battlefield”, and rather than feature a food chain of mechs, instead want to let players choose a style of mech and then upgrade that to suit their tastes as they progress through the game. MechWarrior is coming to the PC and Xbox 360, with no details yet on either a publisher or a release time frame.

[New Mechwarrior Game Confirmed, Will Reboot Series via Kotaku]

Ghostbusters’ Engine To Power Even More Games

ghostbustersTerminal Reality used their self-made Infernal Engine to power the upcoming Ghostbusters title, but now it seems that the developers are planning on sharing their engine to profit other developers.

Earleir on today, it was announced that the developers at Piranha Games are planning on using the Infernal Engine on two of their upcoming titles: bass fishing title The Strike, and hunting simulation The Hunt.

“The world of videogames is a varied one. Everyone knows about Ghostbusters, but we at Terminal Reality believe in the extreme versatility of the Infernal Engine,” said Joe Kreiner, VP Sales and Marketing at Terminal Reality.”The inclusion of The Strike fishing pole and The Hunt rifle by Griffin International shows how well the Infernal Engine works with gaming peripherals.”

“We used the Infernal Engine to develop Bass Pro Shops The Strike. The engine was very versatile, allowing us the freedom to create immense environments with a high level of realistic detail,” said Russ Bullock, President of Piranha Games.