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Kratos Returns To The PSP In “Ghost of Sparta”

Ready at Dawn, the developer behind the original God of War PlayStation Portable title, have announced the sequel, God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Following right after the events of the original God of War — not to be mistaken with Chains of Olympus — the sequel follows “Kratos’ ascension to power as the God […]

Asmussen Talks God of War III’s Greek Mythology

When it comes to video game stories, nothing can even come close to that of the God of War franchise; with its well written and intelligent story. However, many may argue that, story-wise, the franchise has explored everything within the world of Greek mythology leaving nothing for God of War III. When being interview by […]

God of War Collection Announced For PlayStation 3

If you can’t remember, some time during this year Sony released a survey asking the fans what they would like to see in a God of War III collectors edition, and, in the survey, an overwhelming amount of the community members wished for the previous God of War titles to be available on the PlayStation […]

E3 ’09: Kratos Playable In Soul Calibur PSP

During the demoing of Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, the first Soul Calibur title coming exclusive to the PSP, at E3 players were left in amazement at the reveal that Kratos, from Sony’s God of War series, will be playable in the final version of Broken Destiny. However, we have received news that Kratos wasn’t playable at […]

Kratos Will ‘Walk Alone’ In God of War III

As we have seen in games like Resident Evil 5, recently theres been a high demand for co-op play within normal single player games. But, it seems that Sony will be keeping the games roots with God of War III. In an interview with CVG, God of War III director, Stig Asmussen, confirmed that Kratos will […]

Lets Get This Right, God of War 3 Is A Visual ‘Masterpiece’

For all those fans out their that aren’t sure what they meant by ‘God of War 3 [being] the best looking game on the PS3 to date’, here’s a little insight for you. We all know that the game isn’t as graphically detailed, I mean this in the lightest way, as Killzone 2, but what […]

God of War III Epic Scale Trailer

The God of War, Kratos, is back for an extended view of the trailer that we got viewed at back at last years VGAs. The trailer looks absolutely amazing, but be warned you may be blown away, if not, let us know! A Sony rep has confirmed that the trailer is live action, meaning that it was taken from actual gameplay. […]

First God of War III Details Revealed

In the pages of Game Informer it revealed yet another strongly awaited title that’s sure to keep you wanting more. The new details are from the cover article of the magazine, which is about God of War III, but the only way you can find them out is if you read them below. Kratos will […]

God of War Film Confirmed By Brett Ratner

This movie has been rumored since last year and at E3 Sony reveal the third installment into the serie is well on it’s way. Well, we all knew that this was going to happen, it was just a matter of when. When confronted by UGO’s Movie Blog, Brett Ratner, who just happens to be a […]

Kratos To Play Hot Shots Golf Tomorrow

The Playstation Blog revealed that the all powerful god of war, Kratos, will pack his bags to play some golf on the 21th of this month in the form of a downloadable character for Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds. As you may already know this is a much needed break for Kratos because battling […]

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