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Lets Get This Right, God of War 3 Is A Visual ‘Masterpiece’

godofwariiivicgripFor all those fans out their that aren’t sure what they meant by ‘God of War 3 [being] the best looking game on the PS3 to date’, here’s a little insight for you. We all know that the game isn’t as graphically detailed, I mean this in the lightest way, as Killzone 2, but what God of War 3 does right, apparently, is large scale parts.

If you take note of the ending to the recently released God of War 3 trailer, you tasted just a little part of the ‘large scale’ environments in the game, which was basically the Titans attacking Mount. Olympus. As you can see, they are moving and in the recent interviews for the game it was stated that Kratos would be able to interact with these environments – the moving Titans.

Anyway, to interact with these environments you are going to need something powerful, something that can handle the ‘large scale’ needed for this. So… that is why God of War 3 is a visual ‘masterpiece’ it’s because it can handle these ‘large scale’ interactions.

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E3 08: God Of War III Is Official

Sony has just announced that God of War III will be coming to the PlayStation 3. There wasn’t much details given about the game but, since we just finshed with Sony’s part of the E3 Press Conference expect much “chaos” on the net after this announcement. We will try and see if you can get any info on the game for one of our source’s at E3.