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Games Convention ’09 Officially Cancelled

In 2007, the Games Convention became the biggest European trade and consumer games show, but this year even it couldn’t handle the heat, which can be a number of things. Today, according to many inside sources (GI.Biz being one), this isn’t a rumor, it looks like the Leipzig Game Convention has officially been cancelled. “In […]

Newell Gives Light On Left 4 Dead Demo

Not so long ago we received news that a Left 4 Dead demo was on it’s way for the Xbox 360 and still we are yet to gain details on the game until now… According to Video Gamer, Gabe Newell, managing director and co-founder of Valve, told them at the Leipzig Games Convention some important […]

Killzone 2 Four New Images (Multiplayer)

Without a doubt one of the most anticipated games on PlayStation 3, Killzone 2, is once again ready to pose for some new images. After getting a little taste at the Games Convention, a gaming event, the people over a Guerrilla are ready to give us just a little bigger piece of the pie. For […]

Suikoden Tierkreis Announced For DS

On the sidelines of the Games Convention, Konami announced in the pages of Famitsu this week a new episode of the hit series Suikoden for the DS. The game is entitled Genso Suikoden Tierkreis it will feature 3D characters models who are evolved in 2D environments, which is the same kind of designed used for […]

No House of the Dead: Overkill & MadWorld In Germany

According to Sega Germany, neither the House of the Dead: Overkill or MadWorld will be shipping to retailers in Germany. This news comes after the idea of not showing Gears of War 2 at the upcoming Games Convention in Germany. The likelihood of the games not be shown at the Games Convention in Germany is […]

No Gears of War 2 At Leipzig

While we are still preparing for the 2008 edition of the Games Convention in Leipzig, which is scheduled for next week. Today, we have learned that the much anticipated video game, Gears of War 2, will not be part of the show. Indeed, Microsoft and Epic Games have simply decided not to present the game […]

Left 4 Dead Playable At PAX Plus More

Valve Software announced today that there upcoming co-op zombie shooter Left 4 Dead will would be going on a trip around the world for it’s soon to come out world tour. These series of demonstrations will be held at very high profile events around the world these include Leipzig Games Convention (Germany),Festival du Jeu Video […]

Atari’s Games Convention 2008 Line-Up

In a little over a week we’ll final kick off the 2008 edition of the Games Convention in Leipzig, which as in the same fashion of E3, publishers are beginning to reveal the catalog of games they will present. An in this case Atari has giving us access to their line-up, with titles hardcore gamers […]

Armed Assault 2: A In-Game Screenshot

Bohemia Interactive released a new screenshot for there upcoming military simulation game, which will be released sometime this year and is currently in development for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3. While very few details have been released on the game it does have a very strong reputation on the PC, as a game that […]

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