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Guerrilla Games Working on Three New Projects

Guerrilla Games art director Jan-Bart van Beek informed attendees at the Game Developers Conference that the studio’s currently developing three new titles.

Two of the projects in development are Killzone-related; an unknown Killzone game, possibly a sequel, and the other is Killzone Vita. However, the third project is a brand new unannounced IP. They didn’t reveal anything about the new IP, but van Beek did state that the project combined “32″ ideas pitched by team members.

Quantic Dream Introduces Kara

Quantic Dream demoed their latest motion capturing engine at the Game Developers Conference — labeled “Kara.” Kara is meant to be the foundations for the developers next project.

Quantic Dream founder David Cage said that the new engine features a “direct-to-engine” pipeline that allows a development teams to work with the motion capture data with minimal editing, increasing the overall emotional presentation of a scene.

“What we call full-performance capture is shooting the body, the voice and face at the same time,” explains Cage. “Most studios right now in the game industry use what we call split performance, which means you shoot the face and voice on one side and then you use the body, and not in one take.”

“”It works okay – there have been some great games made using this process, and Heavy Rain was done this way. But we felt that if we wanted more emotion, and more performance from the actor we needed to have everything from the same take, and we needed to shoot everything at the same time.”

Electronic Arts Brings Back SimCity

It was leaked all over the internet last week, but tonight at the Game Developers Conference, Electronic Arts confirmed that it’s bringing back SimCity. The game — simply being called SimCity — is being developed by Maxis.

SimCity for PC will equip players with the tools to play the most sophisticated simulation of its kind,” said Lucy Bradshaw of Maxis in a statement. “We are dedicated to making sure the experience — no matter the platform — has the fun, flavor and playability that has been intrinsic to the franchise since its birth.”

GDC 10: Sony’s Motion Controller Is PlayStation Move

Throughout its development, Sony didn’t say much about its motion controller device. However, during the companies development programing presentation at the Game Developers Conference, the PlayStation-maker released mountains of details about the upcoming device, a device entitled “Move”.

Fully titled “PlayStation Move”, Move uses a combination of wand-style controlling devices and the PlayStation Eye camera to track movement. “It allows you to immerse yourself into the action with incredible precision, rather than simply playing a game,” said Sony Vice President, Peter Dille. Dille also says that the device can recognize both “fast and subtle” movements.

“We’re paving a path from the Wii household to the PS3 household,” he continued. “We’re planning to design games that target all genres and audiences, including core gamers, and we’re treating this like a virtual platform launch. This will be our biggest effort of the year.” In conjunction with the Eye, Move will launch at a “sub $100″ price tag — with three featured bundles — this fall.

Alan Wake Is “Done”, Being Polished

After a GDC Europe presentation on how Remedy handles intellectual property, Remedy’s Managing Director Matias Myllyrinne confirmed to Joystiq that Alan Wake is finished, and it is getting polished for its release. Myllyrinne noted this to Joystiq that, “It’s all done, we’re just polishing at this point.”

If you didn’t know, the polish time for a game is six months, which leaves a lot of time before its “spring 2010″ launch. Anyway, Alan Wake a psychological action thriller from Remedy and is due out in spring of 2010.

Mass Effect 2: Won’t ‘Shy Away’ From Controversy

masseffectWell, I did some small title editing there so… it’s really ‘controversial moments’ not controversy, just so that people don’t get it mixed up. Anyway, it seems that Mass Effect 2 is going to retain the ‘dirty boy’ attitude from within the first game.

When being interview by VG247 at GDC, it was revealed that one of BioWare’s co-founders, Ray Muzyka, that they’re promising more “emotionally engaging moments” in Mass Effect 2, which means alot more ‘alien sex’.

“We don’t shy away from emotionally engaging moments. We try to make them contextually appropriate. They’re not gratuitous for the sake of gratuity. We put them in to actually drive an emotional response, but the journey you’ve gone through to get to that point in the game, it has to feel like that is a real point, a real outcome that makes sense to the player to get that point. They’re not there for shock value,” he told VG247.

“If there’s surprise and delight in the emotionally engaging moment then that’s great too, but they have to feel contextually appropriate. We just make games with great stories and characters and, just like in real life, some of the interactions are emotionally charged between some of the characters. There could be all types of different emotions. And even the experience itself, we strive for emotion… We’re not shying away from it.”

GDC ’09: Punch-Out! – Not Doing DLC

punch-outIn last weeks episode of Invisible Walls, they covered all the big announcements at the Game Developers Conference.

And in the episode, which is by the way was their 51 episode, they covered one of the biggest games at the show, Punch-Out!. Within their discussion it was revealed that there were only 13 characters within the title and somewhere within their discussion the word “DLC” poped up.

However, according to one of the cast members, when asking a rep from Nintendo about them bring in more character via Downloadable Content they were told that they weren’t going to do DLC for the title.

Sony: MAG Not A ‘Iteration of SOCOM’

In reports yesterday, that were from GDC, it was read that Massive Action Game, aka MAG, was an “iteration of SOCOM”. So GamersDigest when to investogate the statements made at the event.

When speaking to Cindy Bowens, the community manager at SCEA, she clarified the comments made.

“I just wanted to give you a heads up in response to the quote about MAG being an ‘iteration of SOCOM,” she told GD. “I wanted to clarify that this is a misstatement. MAG is a brand new IP and is unrelated to SOCOM… It is not a sequel nor built upon SOCOM. It will be a brand new experience.”

GDC ’09: Modern Warfare 2 Teaser Trailer

Just when you started thinking that things couldn’t get anymore exciting, tonight at the Game Developers Conference, which is still currently taking place in San Francisco, Infinity Ward released the first teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The teaser trailer doesn’t give us any details on the game, but it did reveal a release date of November 10, 2009 for the game. More information will be coming your way as soon as we get more.

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