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GDC 2015: Yoshida – Project Morpheus won’t be another PlayStation Move

Sony president Shuhei Yoshida recently discussed the problems that plagued the PlayStation Move and how the company will avoid those problems with Project Morpheus.

sony-project-morpheus-ps4-vr-headset-revealYoshida stated in an interview with Gamasutra that, while they’re happy with the success the PlayStation Move had, they’ve struggled to create great playing experience with the peripheral.

“We struggled to use the capabilities of Move to create a real 3D playspace, and convert that into good game design,” said Yoshida. Turns out, “designing games for regular TV using 3D input is really difficult.”

Developers couldn’t design good gaming experiences because it’s hard to design something when you’re always tied down to a single spectrum, a television. Continue reading

GDC 2015: How gaming just became even more affordable

Wait, here me out!

f12f000d-43e8-480c-a222-700c18e85b30_1000With companies like Epic, Valve, and Microsoft, pushing more towards what the developers want, like cross buy and affordable developmental software, at the end of the day the consumers will reap the benefits.

For a while now, Steam has been at the forefront of making software more affordable, with things like Steam sales and lower aftermarket pricing. However, the console market, with things like premium memberships, are just now stepping into the affordable games market. Continue reading

GDC 2015: Spencer – Gaming still an essential part of Windows, “we lost our way”

Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer said that, even though it may seem like they company lost its way, gaming is still essential to the Windows platform.

cover“The role of gaming on the television is critical to the longterm success of all of us. But, clearly the success you see in PC today is a important component for all us,” said Spencer to a group of developers at GDC.

Spencer then detailed his role within Microsoft as head of gaming in general and how–within his role that role–he spends a lot time talking to higher ups about how gaming “used to” be essential to the Windows platform. Simply stating: “we lost our way.” Continue reading

GDC 2015: Xbox on Windows 10 – cross buy, 20% GPU boost and more revealed

Microsoft Studio head Phil Spencer took the stage at the GDC to unveil Xbox on Windows 10, and exactly how the OS will change with Xbox One and PC landscape.

f12f000d-43e8-480c-a222-700c18e85b30_1000Microsoft plans for a 12 month implementation process for Windows 10–as they gradually introduce the operating system to “complete the circle of what people will be able to do.”

In addition, Microsoft also detailed a Universal Development Center that allows developers to easily manage the monetization of their content across all supported platforms. 

Spencer says that with Windows 10 developers will be able to submit their apps and games under “one store” allowing gamers to cross buy, purchase a title on one system and it be available on the other for no extra change. The process will require a certain amount of tweaking on both ends, but it should allow developers to reach a wider audience. Continue reading

GDC 2015: Valve’s Steam Controller revealed

imageqhuipAt GDC today, Valve’s letting everyone go hands on with the Steam Controller, which releases in November alongside Steam Link.

The controller has gone through numerous revisions since it was first revealed, but it seems Valve has decided on two touch pads which work as buttons, triggers, two bumpers, and two buttons on the back on each side of the controller. Continue reading

GDC 2015: Steam Machines will hit the market in November

controller_livingroomSteam Machines, living room PCs, will be hitting the market in November alongside something called Steam Link, Valve announced today.

Steam Link will allow for game streaming between multiple PCs or Steam Machines at 1080p/60HZ. Steam Link will be available for $50 as well as a special Steam controller which will also be available for $50.

“We continue to see very strong growth in PC Gaming, with Steam growing 50% in the last 12 months,” said Valve president Gabe Newell.”With these announcements we hope that we are helping build on that momentum.” Continue reading

GDC 2015: Sony displays “evolved” Project Morpheus

This afternoon, at GDC 2015, Sony president Shuhei Yoshida revealed Project Morpheus, the company’s virtual reality headset.

“I’m excited to share today how Project Morpheus has evolved, including our new prototype and our technology that’s close to a consumer product,” said Yoshida.

In latest version of the Morpheus looks similar, but Yoshida reveals that they’ve made “several enhancements centred primarily on the display.”  Continue reading