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E3 2012: Dead Space 3 Includes A Cooperative Mode

Dead Space returns. However, things have changed. At the Electronic Arts The Download press conference, president John Riccitiello unveiled Dead Space 3 and its new cooperative mode. Tweet

E3 2012: EA Confirms Dead Space 3

Electronic Arts have confirmed the development of the long-rumored third installment into the Dead Space series. Speaking with IGN, a spokesperson confirmed its development and said to expect the announcement during Electronic Entertainment Expo, and that the event will feature the first ever footage of the action-horror title. Tweet

Dead Space Goes Into The Blinding Light

There’s going to be another Dead Space title — and reports have indicated that — it’s going to be a radical re-thinking of the horror series. No longer will there be dark corridors, the series is going into an entirely new direction. According to Siliconera, the next Dead Space title will take place on a […]

PAX East 10: Dead Space Devs Talk About ‘Extraction’ Being Ported

Poor sales or not, it seems as that the Dead Space prequel may make its way onto other consoles. During “The Dead Space Universe: Creating a World of Horror” panel at PAX East, one of the attendees mentioned Dead Space: Extraction being ported, or even re-worked, onto other consoles. “It’s definitely something we’ve been thinking […]

PAX East 10: Dead Space 2′s Limb Dismemberment System

There’s alot about the original Dead Space that captivated us, one of those increments were its strategic limb dismemberment system. In a brief conversation with Kotaku, exclusive producer Steve Papoutsis talked briefly about the sequel’s strategic limb dismemberment system — even though the developer is very “hush-hush” about the sequel. Papoutsis said that, while the […]

Dead Space Sequel Has Modern Warfare Action

Though there are mixed feelings, Modern Warfare is known to deliver an action-packed experience; in other words, they’ve set a new kind of standard in action delivery. When being interviewed by IGN, senior vice president and head of Visceral Games, Nick Earl offered some details to the anticipated sequel. “I can tell you that we’re a little more focused […]

Dead Space 2 Announced, Return of Isaac Clarke

Two weeks after its release, Electronic Arts made it known that they did indeed plan on doing a sequel; stating that “the sequels already under construction”. With that in mind, in the past couple of months, we’ve been scenting the presents of Dead Space 2, thanks in part to clues placed around the internet. Electronic […]

Inkblot Points To Dead Space Sequel

Though many wouldn’t have thought that, after completing Dead Space, a sequel wouldn’t be on the horizon. A cryptic inkblot has appeared on the Dead Space Twitter account, created recently, pushing the possibility of a sequel – which has been in speculation for awhile now. The image contains representations of many of the first game’s […]

Dante’s Inferno: Animated Feature Trailer

Much like what we’ve seen with Dead Space, a survival horror title, Dante’s Inferno, a game based on a “definitive view of the afterlife”, will be getting the animated treatment in the form of a animated feature; this is no new announcement, Electronic Arts announced the animated feature along time ago, however, this is the […]

Dead Space Sequel Due In 2010?

There’s going to be a Dead Space sequel, Electronic Arts even confirmed that there’s going to be another one – that isn’t Dead Space Extraction. And, according to Reuters, the Dead Space sequel is due to hit next year, evidence given by the “advanced state of preparations for Dead Space 2′s development”. In a Halloween […]

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