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Meet BioShock Infinite’s Motorized Patriot

Irrational Games have unveiled an interesting the new “Heavy Hitter” enemy class for BioShock Infinite. The Heavy Hitter enemy class is a more unconventional enemy, it was made to augment the abilities of the traditional BioShock enemies.

“These are enemies that are used to not just be more powerful, but to augment the abilities of the more traditional BioShock enemies,” said Irrational co-founder Ken Levine. “You’re going to come across them in certain areas of the game, and they’re going to provide a really unique challenge.”

The first of these enemy is “The Motorized Patriot,” a “clock terminator” George Washington. His features are porcelain-like, a twisted child’s doll. He’s also fearsome and relentless. “Unlike most of the enemies, he’s completely fearless,” said Levine. “He doesn’t have a sense of self-preservation, so he’ll just keep coming at you and coming at you.”

The Most Iconic Characters of This Generation

Throughout history there have been a select characters that have represented a set console generation. Many of these iconic characters reside as console poster boys, however they’re much more then that. These characters are the reasons why gamers, and casual gamers, purchase a set console.

In my studies throughout this generation, I’ve personally composed a list of the characters that have shaped this generation of console; so far, of course. This list is a non-bias composition of characters that have single-handedly shaped this generation, all of the iconic characters that we already love, won’t be on this list — no discrimination was important when making this list.

The first character I’ll like to mention is Nathan Drake, the chromatic and adventurous, adventurer. I placed him as one of the more iconic characters of this generation because he has single-handedly transformed the way characters are portrayed in video games. His realistic mannerisms have changed the way developers craft characters — challenging developers and animators to really take on character development in a different form. Personally, I find his impact to the industry hard to describe. But, understand this; his influence has re-imagine the iconic Tomb Raider franchise.

The next character I’ll like to mention is Desmond Miles/Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad/Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who are all technically the same person. I didn’t pick these characters based off what they’ve done but, instead, because they matter so much to this generation of console. The Assassin’s Creed franchise represents something greater, it could indeed represent this generation as a whole because the titles have improved so much over each installment, in terms of plot and gameplay.

The next character I’ll like to mention is Commander Shepard, who’s an important addition to this list. He’s the main reason I decided to conduct this list of the today’s most iconic characters. Basically, Shepard has fitted to everyone’s portrait of him or her, giving the player an emotional attachment to the story, which is an incredible task within itself. But, more importantly, the addition of the “Decision Wheel,” which has transformed character interaction forever because of it has “simplified” the in-game decision process for consoles.

The next character I picked, the Big Daddy. Picking the Big Daddy was challenge for me because, well, I wanted to pick Jack, the character whom the player controls. But, I couldn’t; the Big Daddy character was prefect in representing BioShock, a game that has transformed story telling in video games forever. The game was so artfullily crafted and unique that, even though the main character couldn’t talk, the story was relayed throw the people around Jack and the location.

In conclusion, I’ll like to mention Marcus Fenix, the main character of Epic’s Gears of War series. As I’ve said, each generation their are characters the define a generation of console, and I believe that Fenix represents this generation of console for Microsoft. Master Chef wholehearted represent the original Xbox and the revolution of the first person shooter, and Gears of War represents the revolution of cover-based third-person shooters, it just makes sense that he would be one of this generations more iconic characters.

I’ll also like to mention these characters: Sackboy, Niko Bellic, John Marston, Issac Clarke and GlaDOS.

*These characters also represent the both assistant characters and main characters.

E3 2011: BioShock Vita Is An Original Title

Kevin Levine announced a BioShock related project for the PlayStation Vita, the newly announced handheld platform. But, he didn’t divulge into much information. However, Levine did confirm — at an isolated time — to IGN that the title is an original project.

“It’s a different project. It’s its own thing being built from the ground up,” said Levine. “That is going to be strange and surprising to people. I think we always want to surprise people. If I’m just saying ‘here’s BioShock 1 on Vita’, that’s something we could potentially do, but you don’t need us to do that. Somebody can make that happen.”

PAX East 2011: The Iterative Evolution of BioShock Infinite

During a discussion panel, Irrational Games demonstrated the early design concepts behind BioShock Infinite, its upcoming project. The discussion ultimately led to a concept image — a dark and ominous skyborne utopia — an inspiration behind the upcoming project.

However, the team describe the image as “too claustrophobic.” The project will be a brighter, more open, one that builds on the spirit of “exceptionalism” that once characterized America. “[The image] was a step in the right direction, but not far enough,” said Ken Levine. The original plan the team constructed was to take BioShock and push it airborne, but Rapture was “dank, dark, and sinister.”

In addition, Levine also discussed Skylines, a rail-based system and the primary method of transportation in the sequel. “[It’s] like being on a roller coaster while hanging in the air, and you have a fucking gun,” said Levine, when describing Infinite’s transportation system.

Irrational Games Prepping BioShock Infinite

After a lengthy hiatus, Boston-based developer, Irrational Games finally revealed its follow up to the critically acclaimed BioShock. In the Manhattan Plaza Hotel, Irrational announced BioShock Infinite, an “original adventure” that isn’t connected to the original story-arc.

However, Infinite will incorporate many elements from the original series, including its own evolution of plasmids, weapons and an intense atmosphere. And, instead of it taking place in an underwater utopia, Infinite will take place in a “flying” metropolis embroiled in chaos, Columbia; a metropolis much like Rapture.

But, unlike the original, Infinite will feature a strong story focused protagonist Booker DeWitt, a disgraced former private detective who’s picked up a new case. The case; find a young woman named Elizabeth, who’s gone missing and return her unharmed. However, nothing is never as it seems.

BioShock 2 Scheduled For Release on Feb 9th


Today, 2K Games announced that BioShock 2, the highly anticipated sequel to 2007 Game of the Year, will be available worldwide on February 9, 2010. The good news being that BioShock 2 stayed within the first half of 2010 time frame – as stated when they delayed the game. The bad news, we’ll still have to wait a bit longer.

Currently in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, “BioShock 2 will deliver two unique, yet intertwined experiences that form the perfect blend of explosive first-person shooter combat, compelling storytelling and intense multiplayer action” – reads the press release. Once again, BioShock 2 will be available worldwide on February 9, 2010.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo To Direct Bioshock

We have some bads news. Director Gore Verbinski has stepped down from directing the BioShock movie for a possible forth installment into the Pirates of the Carribbean movie series, which isn’t all bad news because Pirates of the Carribbean is awesome, and it looks like Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has stepped in as director – SlashFilm reports.

Verbinski will remain involved in the project, but only as producer. However, as we reported back in April, Universal has shut down production of the movie because of the film’s ballooning budget that continues to grow. Also for some reworking of the script, and to explore possible locations outside the country offering financial incentives.

With a pool of talented name brand filmmakers hoping to helm such a project (Guillermo del Toro has been outspoken), its amazing that Universal went with Fresnadillo in the end, who’s best known as the writer/director of 28 Weeks Later.

BioShock 2 Delayed Until The “First Half” of 2010

It’s a good news/bad news situation, depending on how you view it: if you pre-ordered the game for as a Christmas gift, it’s bad. If it’s one of the many games on your Christmas shopping list, and you’re short on holiday money, it’s good – but not all that good.

Yesterday, Take-Two Interactive announced that BioShock 2 won’t be releasing within the company’s fourth quarter, as previously planned. BioShock 2 has instead been pushed up to the “first half” of 2010.

“The decision to shift a release date is never an easy one, especially with a product as highly anticipated as BioShock 2,” said Take-Two CEO Ben Feder. “We felt that it was essential to invest the additional time to ensure that this title will deliver what its fans expect and deserve.”

However, the move is worst for the company’s current fiscal year, which ends on October 31, but good news for its 2010 fiscal year, said Jesse Divnich, director of analyst services at Electronic Entertainment Design & Research in Carlsbad, Calif.

“I expect them to dominate fiscal 2010,” Divnich said. “BioShock 2, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, Mafia II, additional Grand Theft Auto Downloadable Content (DLC), and the possible launch of Agent should make fiscal 2010 the year of Take-Two. As far as I am concerned, Take-Two is just moving numbers from one financial year to another.”

[Bioshock 2 delayed; Take-Two’s stock takes a hit via LA Times]

Arkane Studios Joins BioShock 2 Development Team

bioshock2First, it was 2K Marin and 2K Australia collaborating in the development of BioShock 2. After that we learned that the sequel to BioShock will feature a competitive multiplayer mode, which will be created Digital Extremes.

Now, it seems that Arkane Studios, which developed Dark Messiah of Might and Magic for Ubisoft, will play in the development of BioShock 2.

“Today I’m proud to say that we’ve added another important developer to the mix. Under the direction and leadership of 2K Marin, Arkane is assisting in the creation of levels that embody the aesthetic and gameplay ideals that make BioShock such a unique and exciting experience,” Alyssa Finley, producer for 2K Marin, explained to GI.biz.

[Take-Two brings in fourth studio for BioShock 2 via GI.biz – thanks to TeamXbox]