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Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya bashes Kotaku

In response to an article bashing his knowledge about Valve and PC gaming, Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya tried to repair his own reputation. “Ah douche bags. RT @luizpse: Kotaku made a article about you and PC gaming, because of the tweets.” “Do you eat shit? RT @LukePlunkett: just curious, did you actually read the piece,” Luke […]

Platinum Games developing Bayonetta 2 for Wii U

Although the details are still unknown, Nintendo has announced Bayonetta 2 as a Nintendo Wii U exclusive. Platinum Games, creator of the original Bayonetta, have taken over the development of the title — with the game set for release somewhere in March 2013. Tweet

Bayonetta Gets Awarded With Perfect Score From Famitsu [Updated]

Update: The reports are incorrect. According to a picture taken of the magazine (click to view NSFW), Beyonetta didn’t actually get that “prefect score”. Instead, Beyonetta manage at total of 38 points out of 40 – 40 being the highest that any game can receive from the magazine. Original: While we’re anticipating its release here […]

Bayonetta Pushed Into 2010, “Important New IP For Sega”

Yet another anticipated fall release has been delayed. Early this morning, SEGA announced that Bayonetta, the over-the-top action brawler from Platinum Games, has been pushed into next year. However, while the Japanese version of Bayonetta manages to keep its October release date, the western version Bayonetta will release in January 2010, almost two months from […]

Bayonetta Out Fall 2009 Worldwide [Updated]

Update: We have just been informed that it could be coming  October 2009, which was stated by the games SCEE game page. Original: When we first gained news that Devil May Cry director Hideki Kamiya was heading a hardcore action title at Platinum Games, we then and there started jumping for joy. But, for the longest time we […]

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