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Rocksteady reveals why it didn’t do a crossgen Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady Studios director Sefton Hill recently sat down with EDGE Magazine to discuss why the studio didn’t develop a cross generation Batman: Arkham Knight; because they wanted to make the best game possible.


“Very, very early on, we had discussions about doing cross-gen,” he says. “When we were looking at it, we realised that there were compromises we would need to make with the layout of the city. There were certain areas we could only have Batman get to, and certain areas we could only have the Batmobile.”

“‘Compromise’ is not a word that sits well with me. If we’re doing it like that, we may as well not do the Batmobile; if we want to integrate it fully then it has to be on a machine that can deliver it. It was a really bold decision by Warner. At the time [we made the choice], no one knew what the uptake on next-gen was going to be like. It’s been brilliant, which is great for us and great for the industry, but it was bold.” Continue reading

Forza Motorsports 2 gets Fast & Furious standalone expansion

Turn 10 Studios have teamed up with Universal Pictures to develop a Fast & Furious standalone expansion for Forza Motorsports 2 entitled Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious.

2816937-furious3The stand-alone downloadable title will not require”Forza Horizon 2 and will be available for free until April 10 to promote the April 3 release of “Furious 7,” the latest installment in the film series. However, after April 10. the game will cost $10.

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious is set before the events of the movie. In it, you’ll play as a driver in France who must acquire cars for mechanic Tej Parker, played by Ludacris. Continue reading

Ubisoft could be showcasing Assassin’s Creed Victory at GDC

650x245xvictory-650x245.jpg.pagespeed.ic.jga-l1TlZOUbisoft creative director Ashraf Ismail will be showcasing an “unannounced project” at the Game Developers Conference, reveals the publisher’s GDC “Come Meet Ubisoft Devs” schedule.

Ismail previously worked on Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, which released in 2013, and, even though Ubisoft representatives confirmed its development, they never officially announced Assassin’s Creed Victory which leads many of us to believe that Ubisoft could be showing Victory at GDC.  Continue reading

Sony exec: Day 1 patches have gotten “out of control”

In an recent interview with Metro, Sony Europe president and CEO Jim Ryan, when questioned about the increased amount of Day 1 patches, said that he believes that Day 1 patches have gotten “out of control.”

far_cry_4.0.0“Yes, I do,” said Ryan when talking about the outlandishness of Day 1 patches. 

Ryan believes that “patching has a reasonable role to play, when it’s used to address bugs that are found at the last minute.” However, when used “as a surrogate, or a safety net, for a proper QA process,” it’s not right.

But, in regards to Sony titles, they’ll get things “tighten up.” Continue reading

Tabata: Final Fantasy XV about 60 percent complete

Final Fantasy director Hajime Tabata revealed that Final Fantasy XV is about 60 percent complete.

2668221-screenshot__6_Tabata mentioned that Square Enix 1st Production Department development team has made alot of progress with alot of the games systems, during the recent Active Time Report. He’s also hopeful that atleast 80 percent of Final Fantasy XV could be completed very soon.

However, Tabata said that Square Enix believes it’s still too early to announce a definitive release date. Final Fantasy XV has been in development for about a decade.

Microsoft: Phantom Dust still in development, “fully committed”

Microsoft marketing head Aaron Greenberg said on The Inner Circle podcast that Phantom Dust is still happening and that the publisher is “fully committed” to its continued development.

videoimage“Phantom Dust is continuing development,” said Greenberg, “and we are fully committed to the project.”

Earlier in the week, news broke that developer Darkside Game Studios were being shut down; as Microsoft, ended” the partnership. 

“I wouldn’t take any of the news [seriously]… You do sometimes make changes to the development process. But, in this case, we’re absolutely not canceling the game; not walking away from the project,” stated Greenberg.

Bleszinski calls The Order: 1886 “beautiful” and “expensive”; industry obsessed with Hollywood

Cliff Bleszinski, during the Boss Key Productions’ Twitch playthrough of The Order: 1886, said that the industry has an obsession with Hollywood-like productions because developers want to impress executives.

2751414-theorder_006“It’s because this industry is fundamentally insecure about Hollywood and wants to be Hollywood,” said Bleszinski in a random train of thought.

“The only way to convince executives to release the money to greenlight productions is to do movie-like productions that impress them. That’s honestly why this stuff happens.”

Bleszinski also had some interesting things to say about the design choices made by Ready at Dawn calling the game both “beautiful” and “expensive.” He akin those feelings to the designer in him, and that he couldn’t help think what could’ve been if they used the money on other resources.  Continue reading

Deus Ex Universe will be shown at GDC

The Game Developers Conference isn’t a venue known for big game reveals.

But, at this years GDC, Eidos Montreal and AMD will be showcasing TressFX 3.0 hair animation engine and how it will work under the umbrella of the Dues Ex Universe projects.


Here’s the description of the presentation: “engineers from Eidos and AMD detail the TressFX 3.0 solution used in Dawn Engine which will be the cornerstone to the development of the Deus Ex Universe projects at the studio.” The presentation is said to “focus on game requirements such as artistic control and animation support.”