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Microsoft: Xbox One GPU speed increased since E3

Microsoft have increased the GPU speed of the Xbox One, as well as some additions to the console. Today, on the Major Nelson podcast, Microsoft vice president Marc Whitten spoke about some of the changes and additions they have been making to the Xbox One development kits since the Electronic Entertainment Expo. “This is the […]

E3 2013: This is what the PlayStation 4 looks like


Microsoft hasn’t lost focus, we should be excited

“I know the tech technically exists, but having it–entertainment and gaming–all integrated and in one place is really great.” When Microsoft announced the original Xbox, it envisioned a device as “the center of the living room.” Fast-forward to the Xbox One announcement, everything seems to be in place. But, many have already mentioned the #XboxReveal […]

Microsoft introduces Xbox One

It’s finally official. Microsoft have announced the Xbox One, the “future” of gaming and the next Xbox. The next-generation platform is expected to launch later this year, and is boasted to be an “all-in-one experience” that pushes the boundaries of realism. “Xbox One is designed to deliver a whole new generation of blockbuster games, television […]

Nintendo centralizes, blending hardware development

Nintendo is centralizing its hardware development. According to a Nikkei report, Nintendo plans to merge both its console and handheld divisions into one with the investment of $340 million in a new Kyoto development facility. The structural shift is intended to speed up hardware development on both sides, and introduce a mechanism that will allow […]

CES 2013: Nvidia Announces A New Gaming Handheld

Out of left field, Nvidia announced a dedicated gaming handheld, of all things. Code-named Nvidia Shield, Nvidia announced the device at its CES press conference. The device features lithium batteries that have 38 hours of battery life with a clamshell design, and is based on the Terga 4 mobile chip. Nvidia Shield is an Android-based […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic Expands In Spring 2013

BioWare’s free-to-play MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic, will be getting its first proper expansion pack in spring 2013, said a post on the game’s official website. The expansion, entitled Rise of the Hutt Cartel, introduces a new set of story missions, on a new planet named Makeb and a five-level boost to the level […]

Why Neon Alley Impressed Me

Recently, Viz Media took a leap into the streaming business with Neon Alley, an amine streaming application available on the PlayStation Network. And, thanks of some black market business deals, I got an extended look with the application and to say the least, I was absolutely surprised. First and foremost, Neon Alley is an application […]

Halo 4 is banning users across Xbox Live [Update]

343 Industries have posted a notice on Twitter, for those who are playing Halo 4 early, that a “technical glitch” is causing players to be banned across Xbox Live. People affected by the ban not only include people who have gained access to the game legally, but also illegally. 343 Industries along with Microsoft are […]

DayZ on consoles is “a nature progression”

At one of the Eurogamer Expo development sessions, Bohemia Interactive lead designer Dean Hall commented about the standalone version of DayZ coming to consoles. “I believe, that all comes down to how many sales we need to make it viable,” said Hall when questioned about taking DayZ beyond just the PC. Hall then adds that “it […]

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