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Mojang: Minecraft: Story Mode is “pretty funny” and “adorable”

Mojang CWO Owen Hill said that Minecraft: Story Mode, a Telltale episodic game based in the Minecraft universe, is “pretty funny.”

QjhB4ZaNJf6i.878x0.Z-Z96KYq“The interactive storytellers at Telltale are giving players the chance to explore their own unique interpretation of the Minecraft universe,” said Hill in a statement.

“They’ve crafted a story that follows the logic of Minecraft, but still manages to feel original. It’s actually pretty funny too. And the pig is adorable. We’re super excited about players digging deeper into the world of Minecraft: Story Mode later this year.”

Yesterday, at Minecon in London, developers Mojang and Telltale Games detailed Minecraft: Story Mode.

Minecraft: Story Mode detailed at Minecon

Today, at Minecon in London, Telltale Games revealed Minecraft: Story Mode, a narrative campaign based on Minecraft which was announced last December.

Minecraft: Story Mode will follow the traditional Telltale story structure; one narrative-driven story, released across five episodes.

QjhB4ZaNJf6i.878x0.Z-Z96KYq Continue reading

BioWare talks about returning to Jade Empire, “never say never”

Although a sequel isn’t in development, BioWare states that fans should “never say never” when it comes to returning to the Jade Empire universe.

jade_empire“Well there’s always hope,” BioWare Edmonton and Montreal general manager Aaryn Flynn said in a Q&A with Kotaku.  “Both [BioWare developers Mark Darrah and Mike Laidlaw] worked on Jade Empire, so they’re advocates for it in the studio (so is Matt Goldman, DAI’s Art Director). I worked on it too!”

“Our plate is awfully full right now, but the idea to go back to the universe does come up pretty regularly,” he added. “Mark and I spent a solid two hours in my office talking about it not long ago…” Continue reading

Resident Evil 7 coming this fall, according to SuperData

SuperData, a market data and insight company. could have just spilled the beans on a brand-new Resident Evil, possibly Resident Evil 7in its February revenue report. 

“We anticipate this month’s downturn to level off during the coming few months, following a regular seasonal pattern but expect to see an upswing as the next editions of several major franchises like Halo and Resident Evil come out in the 2015 fall season,” read the report.

There’s no indication that SuperData could possibly hold that kind of information but, as a data analyst firm, they could possibly hold Capcom’s future revenue plans.

Konami will continue to develop titles Metal Gear series; The Phantom Pain will release Sep. 1st

Metal GearIn midst of reports of that Kojima Productions would be disbanding, Konami have announced that, after Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain release, they’ll continue to developer new entries into the Metal Gear series.

In addition, Konami also reiterated that The Phantom Pain will release on September 1st, as originally planned. They’re also posting an advertisement for main staff lead development of the series. Continue reading

Telltale Games’ first “Super Show” won’t be with Lionsgate

Telltale Games, at SXSW, revealed that its upcoming “Super Show,” which combines a traditional television show and interactive entertainment, won’t be with Lionsgate Entertainment.

Recently, Lionsgate made a “significant investment” in the developer. Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer even joined Telltale’s board of directors,


Lionsgate had said the investment will allow “the two companies to explore opportunities to co-develop existing and original IP into episodic games and television.” Continue reading

Telltale Games have some The Walking Dead related news to “soon” share

2609220-9919740744-23601The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, at his SXSW panel, revealed that Telltale Games have some The Walking Dead related new to share.

“BTW, look for @telltalegames TWD news really soon. Or harass @kevbru or @jobjstauffer until they break,” tweeted Skybound Entertainment, who delegated the panel.

Back at the San Deigo Comic Con, Telltale Games confirmed that there would be a third season of The Walking Dead. “There will be a third season of The Walking Dead,” confirmed CEO Kevin Bruner alongside Robert Kirkman at the time.