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Destiny beta goes live first on PS3 and PS4

At the PlayStation 4: Greatness Awaits Launch Event, Sony and Bungie revealed that the long awaited Destiny beta will come exclusively first to both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. “We’re going to give first access to the Playstation nation, PS4 and PS3 owners,” said Bungie COO Pete Parsons. “The Destiny beta is scheduled for early […]

Uncharted is coming to PlayStation 4

At the PlayStation 4: Greatness Awaits Launch Event, Naughty Dog teased the next Uncharted game which is headed to the PlayStation 4. Tweet

Electronic Arts cancels Command & Conquer

Electronic Arts have cancelled the highly anticipated Command & Conquer free-to-play game in addition to closing its developmental studio Victory Studios. “Part of being in a creative team is the understanding that not all of your choices are going to work out. In this case, we shifted the game away from campaign mode and built […]

Sony waiting to “reintroduce” The Last Guardian

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida promises that The Last Guardian is still in development. However, further announcements are still to be made as they plan to “reintroduce” the title. “The team is still there in SCE Japan Studio, [creative director Fumito Ueda] is still there, but we are still waiting for the time to […]

Microsoft: Xbox One GPU speed increased since E3

Microsoft have increased the GPU speed of the Xbox One, as well as some additions to the console. Today, on the Major Nelson podcast, Microsoft vice president Marc Whitten spoke about some of the changes and additions they have been making to the Xbox One development kits since the Electronic Entertainment Expo. “This is the […]

Take-Two hints at Red Dead Redemption sequel

Take-Two has listed Red Dead franchise among ones it considers “permanent.” When speaking to investors yesterday night, CEO Strauss Zelnick explained that the company didn’t see any of its franchises as “one and done,” and that new installments of a high quality experiences were always encouraged. “Our goal is to try to create permanent franchises,” […]

Microsoft: Xbox One online check-in takes “kilobytes, not megabytes”

Microsoft Studios’ vice president Phil Spencer said that the much talked about online check-in only takes “kilobytes, not megabytes.” “It’s kilobytes, not megabytes. You can also set your console to always have the latest bits in a standby state,” said Spencer. Spencer added that, “If you have no ability to connect to the Internet, the […]

E3 2013: Rainbow 6: Patriots moved to next-gen platforms

The long in development Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots is headed to next-generation platforms. “We can’t — and we don’t want to — make ten giant blockbuster games at the same time,” Ubisoft vice president Tony Key told IGN. “We’re absolutely making another Rainbow 6. We’ve already said so. We just, as we enter this new […]

E3 2013: Killer Instinct is an Xbox One launch title

Rare and Double Helix Games have confirmed that Killer Instinct will be a launch title for Xbox One. Tweet

E3 2013: Final Fantasy XV coming to Xbox One

Final Fantasy XV will launch on Xbox One as well as on PlayStation 4, Square Enix announced today during a presentation. Tweet

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