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Hideo Kojima confirms departure; refused to allow Konami to annualize his franchises [Update: April Fools]

[Confirmed April Fool’s joke] In an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu,  Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain director Hideo Kojima confirmed his reported departure of Konami Digital Entertainment.

“Reports that I will soon be leaving Konami are accurate,” reads a rough translation of the interview, “although I would have liked them to be disclosed differently.”170982-hid

Metal Gear“I think we… arrived at an extreme situation in which neither of the two parts.. are winning. It’s more than just a difference of perspective,” Kojima said, “As a creator, I aspire to do something else now… produce something different than the Metal Gear Solid series each year… and I do not really want to take part in the decline in quality would be the result of that.” Continue reading

Sunset Overdrive gets permanent April Fool’s price drop

2622799-sunset-overdrive-cinematic-horror-night-fizzieToday, Insomniac Games announced that Sunset Overdrive,  its third-person Xbox One exclusive title, will be receiving a permanent April Fool’s day price drop; dropping to $40.

In addition, Insomniac also announced, in celebration of the holiday, the addition of two new achievements available to all players. Continue reading

Window 10’s Music and Video apps dropping Xbox name

Windows_Product_Family_9-30-Event-741x416videowindows10.0musicwindows10.0Microsoft seems to be shifting away from its “Xbox Video” and “Xbox Music” platforms with the applications simplify being renamed Music and Video.

Yesterday. Microsoft demoed these rebranded applications running on Windows 10 marking a huge brand change for Windows.

Though the functionality of these apps will remain the same, Microsoft made some key UI changes which can be viewed and noted on the right.

BioWare talks about returning to Jade Empire, “never say never”

Although a sequel isn’t in development, BioWare states that fans should “never say never” when it comes to returning to the Jade Empire universe.

jade_empire“Well there’s always hope,” BioWare Edmonton and Montreal general manager Aaryn Flynn said in a Q&A with Kotaku.  “Both [BioWare developers Mark Darrah and Mike Laidlaw] worked on Jade Empire, so they’re advocates for it in the studio (so is Matt Goldman, DAI’s Art Director). I worked on it too!”

“Our plate is awfully full right now, but the idea to go back to the universe does come up pretty regularly,” he added. “Mark and I spent a solid two hours in my office talking about it not long ago…” Continue reading

Kojima Productions logo removed from Silent Hills website [Update]

Konami Digital Entertainment, amidst reports of disbandment at Kojima Production, have removed the Kojima Production marketing from the Silent Hills website.

The logo originally appeared in the bottom right corner of the website has been removed and, instead, now features only the FOX Engine logo.Kojima-Productions Continue reading

ID@Xbox head: Summer of Arcade started the “Indie Golden Age” on consoles

In the latest episode of the Inner Circle podcast, ID@Xbox director Chris Charla discussed Microsoft’s imprint on the independent video game development market with the original Xbox Live Arcade and Summer of Arcade.splash-image-short

thhcdCarla talked about Summer of Arcade, which featured such titles as Braid and Castle Crashers, and how after the original Sumer of Arcade released in 2008 it seemed that “everybody knew” about indie games.

He even went as far as to call the original Summer of Arcade as the beginning of the “indie Golden Age.” However, Carla believes that the Indie Golden Age hasn’t finished. “I alway chart the Gold Age of Indies starting then and I don’t think it’s stopped either,” he continued. Continue reading

Batman: Arkham Knight will be Game of the Year

When people ask me which game I think will be Game of the Year, I tell them that I believe Batman: Arkham Knight will be the Game of the Year, and here’s why:

Rocksteady’s devotion to making it great: With games becoming more and more ambitious, it’s becoming hard for a developer deliver an outstanding experience. However, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer Rocksteady Studios have spared no expense in making sure the Batman: Arkham Knight has every opportunity to be the best it can possibly be, even delaying the title for a little extra development time.


2489213-bak_sshot057The “M for Mature” storyline: Batman’s story, more so than any other Superhero, is a story of overcoming incrementable odds. This means Batman must do everything within his power to defy these odds. Both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City earned “T for Teen” rating from the ESRB, and with Batman: Arkham Knight  being  “M for Mature” it shows that developer Rocksteady are trying to deliver a true to Batman experience. Continue reading