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GamerCenterOnline is a new leading news source that devotes daily coverage to the interactive entertainment industry. The site’s daily news headlines and business reports on interactive gaming entertainment have helped it become a trusted news source and expects on doing that for many more years to come.

To this day we have served over 5 million gamers with many more to come.

Meet The Team (Vizsion Media)

Kemuel Stewart (Editor-in-Chief/Founder) – Kemuel is GamerCenterOnline’s lead anchor. Weather he is in the newsroom or on location, he will get top headlines to viewers before their lunch break.

Kerwin Stewart (CEO / Editor) – Kerwin likes to write about games. Once he found out he could do that for a living, he switched his major to Journalism. He positively loves RPGs and is super awesome at music/rhythm games. He also wants to meet Cliff Bleszinski before is life is over.

Kevin Lee (Senior Writer) – When he is not playing video games, Kevin is usually writing about them. An avid shooter fan, his dream is to one day be featured in Gears Of War… as one of the Locust who gets chainsawed in the back.

Andrew Ramsey (Intern) – Andrew has been writing about games for that last three years for various online publications. He enjoys long walks on the beach, snuggling, and ladies, he is available! Oh, sorry. This is not E-Harmony?

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