Source: Rockstar developing “monumental” Grand Theft Auto V story content

In addition to the online Heist, a source close to revealed that studio has been developing a “monumental” piece of  story downloadable content.

LoN_xk4jSY2y“We’ve spent a good amount of time working on the online Heists and the remaster, however we haven’t forgotten about Michael, Franklin and Trevor’s story,” said our source. “It’s going to be monumental!”

When asked about a release date, our source revealed that they couldn’t say exactly. But they do expect Rockstar to make an announcement “very soon.”

Indicating that Rockstar wouldn’t release a updated version of Grand Theft Auto V if they didn’t plan on adding more to the overall experience.

  • Soda Popinski

    And there it is:) I’ve been waiting long time for the first piece of ANY news on GTAV story based DLC. After GTAIV’s (pretty decent) Lost & the Damned, and (incredible) Ballad of Gay Tony, I’ve been eagerly awaiting to find out what they have in store for us with GTAV 🙂
    “Monumental” sounds about right…glad to hear them use that word illustrating their level of confidence 🙂

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      I found out about this because of a link you posted on PSLS

      Also, I agree. Ballad of Gay Tony was incredible.

  • EmpeRawD

    Bring back Niko Bellic!!! Niko Niko Niko Niko Niko

    • chris9465

      I second that! GTA 4 might not have been as good looking as 5 but dam was it FUN and above all REPLAY ABLE…

    • dapaintrain

      He’s gone quiet according to Lester

  • Who is your source?

    • KemuelStewart

      I cannot name my source. I remember receiving news from this same person about they talking about developing Halo 2: Anniversary and them revealing that Halo 4 would get armor abilities, sometime back. All of which has happened, so I do trust them.

      • chris9465

        well pass on to your source its about time they add a story mode to GTA 5 off line….because this is by far and away the most boring & ridiculous GTAs ever made….

        • PIRATE or NINJA

          storymode offline? wtf dude you can play the story offline already. its a singleplayer game unless you go into the separate online mode.

      • Superman11111

        so is the DLC post- c ending….does it take place a few years after gta v…what causes the trio to reunite?

        • It could happen just like the Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and the Walking Dead games were your decisions carry over.

  • chris9465

    Well its about time they add a story to the off line mode….This was the best looking GTA ever made….but also the most BORING! couldnt keep any car you bought or modified (still cant) the tripping alien clown etc side quests were ridiculous. the accomplish nothing mission with the sub and ship of military hardware….THAT WAS THE MOST RIDICULOUS STORY PLOT OF ANY GTA….trevor and franklins repetitive side quests of running drugs and operating a tow truck!!!!! An F’n repetitive tow truck missions! and the stupid side quests for businesses you own! are you F’ing kidding me!?!?

    Definitely the best looking most boring GTA ever made….

    • Dirkster_Dude

      I suppose that means you will not be waiting for the added story DLC since the game is so boring?

      • Bilal Prince- Ali

        he means he needs and hopes the addition of the DLC will bring life to the game… -__-

        • Harley Weir

          For a few minutes…..

    • goranmax

      Totally agree 🙂
      I still play old GTA’s occasionally but V bored me very fast.
      Hope DLC will change something.

    • Two Crows

      Hopefully this DLC will enhance the main story and all of its plot holes.

      • Harley Weir

        It will add more story plot holes! enjoy 🙂

  • Titto Rios

    Maybe that’s another reason why they are delaying the PC version, might have something to do with the Mt.Chiliad UFO mystery and they don’t want hackers/ modders beating them to the punch.

  • Superman11111

    is the dlc going to be a continuation of the c ending…does that make the c ending canon/the true ending then?

  • Two Crows

    Finally. “It’s going to be monumental!” Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • dapaintrain

    Can’t wait

  • JohnSmith1177

    Who cares about more stories!?!?! Get over it Rockstar! You think you’re so good at writing stories? Become authors or make movies or TV shows or something. You need to add more content to GTAonline so that people keep coming back for more instead of spending all this time on stories, which ppl play once then never care to play again. Get over yourselves and your over-expanded idea that you are brilliant story tellers!!! I know you’ve been complimented on in depth story lines before but don’t over think it so much. I’d much rather have the ability to do more in Freemode and expand my operations and reputation and power somehow and make my own story and the next time I go to play again, I can take a different route to power and have a new story of my own and a whole new reason to play, instead of going through a fixed story mode and forgetting about it when I’m done and never playing it again. It annoys me so much to hear that you guys having been spending all your efforts writing new story lines!!!!! when everyone is complaining about the fact that there is nothing to do in GTAonline!!!! Spend your time on fixing that!! Even with heists…the game is boring as hell.

    • Boucho

      shut up

    • G925

      dude shut the fuck up