GTA 5: New Gameplay Video

On July 9th Rockstar’s official Youtube channel posted a new video, for the first time showing actual game play of the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5.
From what we can tell, the potential activities in this game are endless, with a very large map, possibly the biggest seen in the franchise, and a myriad of new options for things to do, character customization, etc. The biggest thing shown, for the first time 3 main characters will be used in the one game. These 3 characters are shown teaming up in missions, taking the player from controlling one player to another. Even in “down-time” in between missions the player can switch which character he is controlling, jumping into the daily happenings of one of the other characters.
We know you all are as excited about this game as we are, but what are you guys most excited about? What do you think will be the best new feature of GTA 5? Watch the video (link: ) and comment below!