Xbox One Behind PS4 in Reservations/Pre-Orders

Many, if not all of you are excited about what to us are the clear headliners at E3 for 2013, the Xbox One and the PS4. I know we are! With the end of day 3 at E3 already hours past, and day 4 nearly upon us there have been many an argument over which system will be better and ultimately “do better”, with supporters of each finding any type of leverage point in which to push their preferred system ahead of the other. We’ve most likely all at least overheard these battles, if we haven’t been a part of them and most of us have heard said “leverage points”… Well here’s another, the early numbers reveal that the Sony Playstation 4 is being reserved more-so than the Xbox One by quite some margin. How big of a margin? Try 2-1.
You may be thinking: “whoa hold on a minute, are we talking pre-order numbers after only day 3?” Well… Yes, yes we are. With both Sony and Microsoft both giving their press conferences and leaving the public to take both in and analyze, some say that these early numbers are an indicator of just how strong Sony’s message was. As merely an outlet for information, I shall try to remain objective throughout, but it is without question that the majority of public opinion has Sony coming out on top at E3 so far.
To those unconcerned with the early lead Sony has taken, you’re not alone, as Microsoft’s VP Phil Spencer feels the same, at least publicly. In an interview with IGN he states that “this isn’t a sprint”. With more content to share it will certainly be interesting to see what else Microsoft has up it’s sleeves.
Do numbers matter this early on? Only time will tell, but so far what we do know is that those numbers are favoring the PS4.

  • Lawrence

    used game resale rights and the price difference, that’s why it’s 2-1. I dont necessarily buy used games, but if I buy a physical product, it’s up to me how I use it, give it to my friend, throw it away, resell it, etc!

    • KemuelStewart

      Indeed, but many don’t understand that Xbox One is the digital equivalent of that. And, you can indeed re-sell the physical version–just to some retailers, they are still ironing out the details that’s why they can’t say really anything right now.

  • Trickeye

    Citation on sources? Just curious, not debating.