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First Battlefield 4 screenshots [updated]

SsmapCIh First Battlefield 4 screenshots [updated]

QtEwojvh First Battlefield 4 screenshots [updated]

m05l5c3h First Battlefield 4 screenshots [updated]

1364366570 squad jumping First Battlefield 4 screenshots [updated]

1364366570 chopper First Battlefield 4 screenshots [updated]

Battlefield 4 has been officially announced.


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    • Another Person

      Pretty much. DICE gave up on whatever was keeping them fresh and has learned to love the leash. Between bans for color correctors while PunkBuster is useless for stopping actual hacks to the lack of public server files and the outright opposition to modding, BF3 was a locked down piece of shit that has only to tread further down the path of becoming a COD clone before anyone looking for the old 1942 experience will be forced to exclude the series it spawned. PS2 ended up being more of a Battlefield game than BF3, and that is truly saddening.

    • BoomBoomRoom

      Today, OP was not a faggot.

  • davs

    Come on dice….

  • przyssawka

    I’m more interested in the new engine which will probably be used by next Mass Effect game then Battlefield…

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