Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya bashes Kotaku

In response to an article bashing his knowledge about Valve and PC gaming, Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya tried to repair his own reputation.

“Ah douche bags. RT @luizpse: Kotaku made a article about you and PC gaming, because of the tweets.”

“Do you eat shit? RT @LukePlunkett: just curious, did you actually read the piece,” Luke Plunkett of Kotaku tweeted.

“So I’m the leader of ALL JAPAN. Great. RT @LukePlunkett: asking, because it’s a good piece, explains a Japanese perspective on PC gaming,” tweeted Kamiya in reaction.

  • MagoIichi

    Kamiya laying the smack down on Kotaku like a boss!

    • dakan45

       Really? becasue acting like a 12 year old doesnt reinforce his point.

      • Sadfasdf

        ” Really? becasue acting like a 12 year old doesnt reinforce his point.”Yes because he had to explain why Kotaku sucks gorrila dicks in an intelligent fashion. Right? Right…Meanwhile, Kotaku keeps publishing articles like; THIS WOMAN ISN’T ACTUALLY FLOATING! and “GET THIS LOOK: HOW VIDEOGAMES INSPIRED MY STYLE” (with a picture of some douchebag added).It’s always easy to blame a party for not acting polite or intelligent and outright dismissing. Too bad you’re just another try hard cocksucker that tries to look intelligent by pointing out the obvious while missing the point.

        • dakan45

           Cocksucker? See, this was totally uneccessary, but let me talk to the language you understand, THE FUCKING DIPSHIT, DOES NOT MAKE ANY MOTHERFUCKING POINTS YOU COCKSUCKING FUCK, SO I CANT MISS A POINT THAT HAS NOT BEEN MADE. LOLZ TROLLHADER.


          • Sadfasdf

            Not really since you are still blatantly missing the point. He doesn’t have to “make” his own point obvious at this point. Everyone that’s carrying a brain and visited the site knows Kotaku is a shitty, tabloid website that’s filled with pseudo-intellectual dumbfucks posing as actual journalists thinking they are doing actual journalism work (one of the main guys (could be Luke) said this himself when NeoGaf trolled them hard with a newspiece they fabricated, which then appeared on Kotaku like it’s something real). And, even if he explained himself perfectly with his broken English (no offense to him), it wouldn’t have mattered since they’re just going to dismiss it anyway. So he did the best thing he could at that point.

            Also; “Cocksucking Fuck”

            Nice touch.

          • dakan45

             Kotaku is shitty, gamespot is shitty, ign is shitty. Seriously guys?

            “pseudo-intellectual dumbfucks posing as actual journalists”

            Those pseudo intelectuals, which i am not dissagreeing for a second that they are what you say they are. Sometimes make better journalists than the actual clueless journalists who couldnt find anything else and picked games as their field when they dont know shit. Not to mention how much BS pc gets from the shitty console hypers.

            If i was him, id say make my case with one sentence and let them griped on that.

  • Kotaku sucks and Kamiya is a mongoloid. Lovely battle here. Two suckers eating each others dicks.

  • Suckit

    Luke Plunkett is one of the most biased journalist I know of.

  • Noble Alfred

    Bah! eVERYONE SUks, and what do they suck? That’s upto you.