Why Neon Alley Impressed Me

Recently, took a leap into the streaming business with , an amine streaming application available on the . And, thanks of some black market business deals, I got an extended look with the application and to say the least, I was absolutely surprised.

First and foremost, Neon Alley is an application dedicated to a small market of avid anime watchers on the PlayStation Network. I believe that Viz Media’s planning to expand the service, but right now they’re just testing the waters; building a following on PSN with the application before going onto bigger things.

“I mean, they even play Death Note! What more do you want from ANY anime channel.”

Anyway, during my time with the application, I could tell that the product was in the beginning stage. It was noticeable because there wasn’t any episode viewable in high definition, atleast during the time view it. It’s not to knock the service in any shape or form — it’s better then stretching the episode to fit the screen. That being said, there’s nothing that could be said about the quality other than that it will get better with time.

My only real knock on the application is that its only available on PSN. Neon Alley is prefect for multiple devices, preferably any mobile device. It just seems that having to jump start your just to watch this Neon Alley is a bit of a task. But, that seems to be the ideals of the person watching it.

Anyway, I’m not going to talk about the price because well everyone has a different financially situation, but for level of content that you’re getting $6.99 shouldn’t keep you back from subscribing to the application. That being said, Neon Alley isn’t the Netflix amine application. However, what it is, is entertainment at the hardcore level. I mean, they even play Death Note!