Ken Levine Discusses The Problems Facing The PC Gaming Market

Irrational Games’ Ken Levine recently sat down with PC PowerPlay, an Austrian gaming magazine, to discuss the biggest issues currently facing the PC gaming market.

“I actually think that it’s quite a healthy space right now. There’s so much diversity to the PC gaming experience. I think one of the biggest challenges it had, that Valve overcame, was just the complex nature of buying games and installing them and dealing with them, managing them.”

“You have a big list of games, and you buy the game in real-time, which of one of the most amazing things to happen to PC gaming. Hey, I don’t buy PC games from stores. I just download ’em on Stream, which is great,” Levine said when comparing the console experience to PC gaming.

“That level of straight-forwardness and simplicity — that one click install, that one-click purchase, that has added a huge amount of value to the experience and removed all those barriers to entry that non-DIY people felt threatened by. So it’s really expanded the market.”

Levine then discussed what makes today’s PC gaming market so special, and why people are so extracted to it.

“PC games right now are really embracing what the PC is in terms of the connected nature of the machine; the creative nature that having the mouse and keyboard affords. It’s a very useful thing for modding, and the open nature of the software on the PC allows for things like that. Even games like Minecraft just speak to the DIY culture that is very much part of PC gaming.”