SoulCalibur V “Critical Edge” Combat System Detailed

Now, that San Diego Comic-Con and EVO 2011 are over. SoulCalibur V director Daishi Odashima has unleashed a barrage of details surrounding the “Critical Edge” combat system, which will be featured in the upcoming fighting game.

“Critical Edge is a new attack system that delivers high damage to the opponent. [It] can be used in combos. Requires 1 Critical Gauge bar,” Odashima explained. “The Critical Gauge can be charged up to 2 bars. So some characters can connect 2 Critical Edges in a row.”

“A small portion of the Critical Gauge can be used to perform Brave Edge; a powered up [version] of standard attacks (character shines when used). The properties change depending on the move; increase damage, adds additional attacks, gives advantage on block, changes hit property etc,” he continued.

He then detailed some of the newer defensive maneuvers in SoulCablibur V. “There are 3 defensive systems. Quick Move can be performed by tapping the same direction twice. Kind of like a faster version of the [8-way Run] 8WR,” he explains. “[It’s] similar to SC2’s evasion but doesn’t have invincible frames. It’s very easy to do and can be used by beginners too.”