SDCC 2011: HBO’s Game of Throne – The Second Season

Ending with a historical season one, everyone’s wondering what’s in store for HBO’s Game of Thrones season two. At the Game of Throne panel, producer David Benioff said that people who read the novels know exactly what to expect.

“Well, those who’ve read the books know what to expect, but we’ve got a bunch of new characters coming in. It’s time to meet the Red Priestess. It’s time to meet Stannis Baratheon. There’s bad stuff lurking north of the wall. This will be a season of exploration.”

There was also that conversation of the length of each season. Because the third novel, A Storm of Swords, could be “too long for one season.” However, Benioff has said that he would consider breaking the book into two seasons, or have one and a half of a season.

Nevertheless, Benioff will just consider this entire venture a triumph if he can get to a scene in A Storm of Sword called “R.W.” “If we get to R.W.,” he said, “we’ll know we’ve done something. If we can get to R.W., then I can retire.”

As for the DVD version of season one, those who hoped for deleted scenes may be a bit disappointed. “Unfortunately, or fortunately, we didn’t really have any deleted scenes,” Benioff added. “We used everything we shot. So as a result of that there wasn’t that much left on the cutting room floor. But the DVD team is putting together some amazing supplementary material. With art from Will Simpson.”

“I am concerned about the ending,” author George R. R. Martin admitted about continuing the series. “I still have two books to go and I’m juggling a lot of balls, and there is that fear that some of those balls will land on my head. But I’m just going to keep juggling as fast as I can.”