The Next Xbox Can Render Avatar Graphics

No, it won’t be rendering any big blue aliens. But, according to AMD, the people responsible for the Xbox 360’s graphical tech, the next Xbox will be able to render graphical details that’s on par with ’s big-screen aliens.

The company wouldn’t confirm if its working on the next console but, according to the Official Xbox Magazine, AMD’s Neal Robison said that the new Xbox will launch with that level of graphics, leaving a lot for gamers to be excited about.

Robison added that the upcoming A.I. and physics will lead for every pedestrian in a game, such as Grand Theft Auto, to react differently to a situation, giving them their own personalities.

  • Anonymous

    After seeing what id software did with RAGE. I don’t doubt it for a second. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if we see things that look better than Avatar in the next 5 years.

  • Airvalor

    No they can’t. Rendering something as big as Avatar in realtime is IMPOSSIBLE for now.
    The beefiest PC can barely render it playable. The next -box will at most be as good as a low-end gaming PC.

    PC gaming all the way.

    • Riseer21

      Their is no single computer that can render avatar.It takes farms of Pc’s to render each frame.Even the best looking Pc game atm..BF3 isn’t close to avatar visuals.

  • someone

    Not going to happen. It took render farms hours to render a few frames of avatar

  • Bla

    Its very possible,Just check out Square Enix’s new engine,it’s almost life like.

  • rickkybobby

    you 2 have no idea how far tech has come do you? we get advancements almost bi monthly in graphics and processors… if they say its gna be legit i believe them but that’s because im not a stuck up fan boy pc bitch and i even have a n alienware

  • volodymyr sereda sereda

    We both know that you are shitting us. It would take years for a powerful home pc to render Avatar. In any case, the latest computers today would outpower the next-gen consoles.

  • HAIYO098


  • Chadavis33

    This is a ridiculous statement from AMD, and from anyone in the comment section who thinks this can happen. Avatar level graphics with a $70 video card? The card has been looked over, and it can barely run crysis 2 on high settings, without any AA. Gimme a break.

  • everyones hopping on pc’s dick and doubting but dont you remember that when xbox and ps3 first came out it looked better then PC. Consoles always come out looking a little better at the beginning and after a year PC shoots far ahead. So be excited about what your pc’s will be able to do by then. And for all you know the guy just meant the cutscenes in the game. i Beleive it will be possible considering how big the last jump was. 

    • noobcannon

      not gonna happen bro. thanks for trying though.

    • Franzw34

      You do realize that consoles run on hardware that’s directly from the manufacturers that produce PC hardware right? By your rationale, when consoles are released they magically have better hardware than manufacturers are capable of. That or they hide away their super secret chips just for the consoles to use. 

  • Dan

    Considering their expertise with microchip technology, I’d put my money on AMD knowing what their graphics chips are going to be capable of over a bunch of  (likely) teenagers’ opinions. They aren’t the usual suspects of making false claims.

    • Franzw34

      Meaning this statement isn’t a statement. It’s pulled out of thin air. I could tell you as fact. Avatar level visuals are utterly impossible to achieve at our current gen and many generations after that. 

  • Josh_doerr

    wow imagine how much better the new playstation will be :p