Lara Croft Was “Losing Relevance”

Crystal Dynamics decided to reboot the Tomb Raider franchise because Lara Croft was starting to “lose relevance.” In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, director Karl Stewart augured that gamers were struggling to relate to the “invincible, infallible” old Lara.

“I think Lara’s a beloved character and Crystal has really enjoyed their time they’ve been able to spend with her,” explained Stewart with great discretion. “We felt she was losing some relevance in the gaming world, that she was a little too hard and removed. We wanted to make her more approachable and relatable.”

“I think she became an icon,” he added. “When you do, you remove yourself from relatability. We wanted to bring her to a place where she didn’t have all those skills, she wasn’t perfect. The modern gamer can relate to that, they want a complex hero.”

Stewart also added that the development team also ran out of stories to tell with the original Lara, stating that Lara was “all grown up.” “I think Lara had done all the growing she could. We’d taken her to a great place, to somewhere she had some closure. There weren’t really many more stories we could have told. So we feel like with this new place we have fertile ground and there’s a lot of places we can go.”

  • Its a good thing shes in gymnastics

  • In the new game Lara will go grocery shopping Get her hair done & use the toilet. Yea just the type of game a guy loves to play… After all what guy wants to look at a hot babe doing things that they can’t?

  • Lowenklee

    “gamers were struggling to relate to the “invincible, infallible” old Lara.”
    Gamers were struggling to relate to mediocre games TBH. There hasn’t been a serious Tomb Raider game since the good ole CORE days. 
    “the development team also ran out of stories to tell with the original Lara.” 
    Hire a good writer, seriously. If the whole canon of ancient mysteries and forgotten ruins fails to dress the stage in such a way as to inspire great story telling, then quite frankly CD haven’t the talent to tell good stories (as evidenced by the past several TR releases)…wherever else their talents may lie.
    But, most egregiously, the modern games have labored under a lack of any inspired leadership. Quite frankly they don’t know what to do with the IP and have been grasping at straws for years content to appeal to the wrong gamer demographic, and the once brilliantly sardonic, aristocratic, globe-trotting, pistol packing, adventure archeologist has been reduced to something insipid, casual, and forgettable in spite of all the great potential. Hire a good writer, dare to push hardware and gameplay away from casual play, stop designing to the lowest least offensive denominator, and have faith in TR’s roots.

    • Dozer

       Well said.  Sadly most modern day games are…disappointing at best.

  • Random guy

    Great franchise. Need a cool mansion to explore, obstacle course, etc again.