Halo: Combat Evolved Terminals Offer Hints To Halo 4 Plot

343 Industries have explained the concepts behind “terminals” within Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, and how they’ll offer hints into the plot of Halo 4, the next major installment into the series.

In an interview with CVG, executive producer Dan Ayoub said that terminals will be placed throughout the game and that finding them will unlock short videos that explain some of the things that will happen in Halo 4.

“So you guys may remember Terminals from Halo 3, they were very much like Easter Eggs in the game. You went through, found them and got some story info. It was usually just text on the screen. But it’s not really that interesting to read text on a screen, so we’re doing some very cool things with it,” said Ayoub.

“You’ll hear Tim Dadabo, the actual voice actor for Guilty Spark from the original game [narrating these Terminals]. The Terminals are definitely setting the story for Halo 4 but we’ll talk about that more in the future.”

“We’re giving Terminals a much more visual treatment, where we’re telling each story in a graphical way. It’s a lot cooler than reading text on a screen and also allows us to convey a lot more emotion in our storytelling. We’ve got Terminals hidden throughout the game and if you find them all you’ll learn story about the Halo universe, the ring and also story elements of things you’re going to see in Halo 4.”

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