• Is there an actual statement that the comic was used because a guy standing in front of a woman in a spotlight? That doesn’t seem all that unique.

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  • That’s not at all what I thought he’d look like. The Booker I imagined was a more plump fellow with a curly mustache and a silly hat. This game is now ruined for me.

  • The latest EGM has a full body shot of DeWitt, who looks ‘enough’ pissed off for person who has his girlfriend kidnapped.

  •  That really doesn’t seem all that unique.

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  • it’s interesting to see that Irrational Games is not using the same methods for the next game in the series.

  • Fishing Tasmania

    i like the bio shock the most among the above games. 

  • a guy standing in front of a woman in a spotlight, all very old stuff out there!

  • The mystique is focused differently in BioShock Infinite…I think it is unique.

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  • What a unique poster..I think the artist had did the great job..

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