Halo 4 Could Incorporate Reach Elements

There’s been a ton of questions surrounding newly the redesigned Master Chief, which was shown at E3. Now, sources close to 343 Industries have revealed that the redesigns apart of “steps to incorporate” elements from : Reach into the forth installment.

In Reach, the players used modifications — like jet packs, sprint and shields — to take on the many challenges throughout the game. However, in the original story-arch, these element weren’t present. According to these sources, in , these elements will become apart of the original story-arch for the first time.

These sources have also revealed that the undisclosed “lapse in time” will be used to explain the addition of these elements. With that said, it makes prefect sense that they would want to add these gameplay elements to the original story-arch. In other news, it was recently reported that the changes made to Master Chief would be “story-driven” changes.

  • Lol

    NO!!!!!, this is so stupid, I hated halo reach it was so boring, (and i played the other 3 halos before and loved it), but the incorporating halo reach elements into halo is kinda stupid and a bad move in my opinion. I hope it doesn’t turn into making the game have ALL of halo reach elements.

    • Anonymous

      From what we understand, it’s going to be the jet pack elements, etc. The jet pack and others “multiplication” elements where, actually, an interesting new addition. However, we weren’t told anything about the assassinations being returning. But, from indications, it seems like those are also going to be added and, mostly, edited to a certain dimension.

    • Logan huffman

      dude be happy there making a halo its because of you people that bungie didn’t want to make a halo 4

      • Chucky

        They didn’t want to do another Halo because they wanted to work on something new. The only reason there is another halo is because Microsoft is milking the fuck out of it.

      • Lex

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        • manoman

          Just shut the F*ck up. Do u have friends?

  • aa

    NOOOOO!!!! armor abilities is why nobody plays reach 

    • really…. so over 100000 people online everyday is no one playing the game? geez your stupidity amazes me

      • manoman

        That’s not very nice. Give him the facts but don’t insult.

        • Gghghhhg

          No he is right too many complain about armor they need to be insulted every so often

  • I dont know if English is your first language or not, but that article is extremely poorly written. 
    As far as rumours about elements from Reach that may or may not be crossing over, I think it’s a bit early to start crying about it.  Until you know specifics it’s best just to keep quiet.  What is it with gamers and their need for rampant speculation??

    • BillyBlowhard

      olo you missed the apostrophe on ‘don’t. Poorly written troll Billy Bob

    • Willis6084

      i don’t know if your mom taught you manners but it is time to start speculating because Bungie will not make this game and it will cause a transition from previous game yeah this game will be unfreakkingbeliavable and i thumbs up for all the Halo Fans who give their time to post news. 

  • DreamPolice

    I personally didn’t mind the equiptment in Reach.  Made multiplayer more fun, and gave the single player campaign a chance to do the same thing differently.  Personally I don’t think people will boycot the game just because they are returning, and hopefully a couple more ‘power ups’ are added in this new alien enviroment.  

  • Romance

    Oh, so now that’s possibly a jetpack Cheif just sprouted in cryo. I don’t know if many people realise, but Halo 3 is the number 1 selling xbox title in history. For a reason. Many of these Reach kids blew at halo 2/3, but now that map control is destroyed by Jetpack and sprinting, and introduced bloom (yay), they have a chance to componsate for their lack of skill. Which is another thing, where the hell is highest skill in Reach? Now your rank is simply a testament to how long you have played multiplayer. Bungie had started making progressively worse installments after Halo 2 (the game that made live) and geared the gameplay more and more toward casual players, like most of these posters, who seem only concerned with their campaign experience. I for one think encorporating Reach with anything Master Cheif is simply outrageous, and I feel as if they’re dropping the competitive community. For the TL;DR: COD MW3, anyone?

    • Justinoliver72

      This is what they should do , they should incorparate armor abbilities in a different way. Like an example would be Crysis where the abbilities were already apart of the suit, somehow they should innovate the armor abbilites in that way. But some of the armor abilities are questionable like sprinting, that really should be taken out as an abbitlty and just be a button where you can speed up, kinda like every other shooter that has that funtioning in that way. otherwise camaflauge, and armor lock can be kept, the jet pack is really the only questionable armor ability they should take jet packs out. 

          but armor lock and camaflauge can stay because there already apart of mastercheifs armor. Drop shield should probably be used as a item or tool kinda like how people threw down bubble shield in halo 3, and so should that healing item, and radar scrambler thing in halo 3. they should bring back dual wielding! Also make use of the zero G thrusters that we saw in the trailer that should also be incorparated into masterchiefs armor in the game. armor lock,camaflauge, and zero g thrusters are apart of the armor. (Bloom) they should probably keep that , makes the game more realistic that way, if they dont keep it then the reticule would stay the same and people would be spamming with weapons most notabley the sniper i think if they use bloom on a few weapons i will have absoulutly no problem but your also supposed balance the skill which should be equal. I dissagree halo has great multiplayer experince but halo reach was the more story driven game it was a fantastic story , and they should keep making great storys.

            New things they should add: new vehicles , customizable weapons and new weapons, add on’s to weaponry like adding a scope to an assualt rifle or something, Bigger battlefields and i mean large battlefields, and more  customizable options to your spartan, and thats about it.

      • Lex

        if you like crysis so much go play it homo

        • wow you are an asshole. you must love shooting down good ideas

        • manoman

          Dear lonely bastard, nobody here likes you, go screw yourself. Stop insulting people because they’re giving their opinions. Jack ass.

    • CSlater117

      Well… that is all CoD has ever been.  CoD has never had a true skill… Lets all just prestige 100 times.  Got to halocharts if you want to know your true skill, or play arena.  I agree they have catered to the casual player, but still have the playlists for the hardcore gamer as well.  Reach has it all if you just look through the playlists… Thats why they are there.  If you want a classic fell.. go play classic, dont come on here and whine about things that are based off of your own ignorance.  Halo 4 is going to rock, and i am looking forward to seeing what 343i can do now that halo is theirs.

  • AO1JMM

    As a Halo fan I am all for adding Reach elements into Halo 4.

    • George-mccarthy

      Then you’re not a Halo fan are you. People who played Halo 1 through 3 would agree that AA’s are complete and utter shit and shouldn’t have ever been considered in a Halo game.

      • Ecole1

        Lol. I played the first halo Christmas 2001, a month after it released. Halo 2, 3, and Reach were all day one purchases for me. AA’s are great and balanced except armor lock. Tweak or remove that and theyll be fine. (Also, i am a sprint user 95% of the time, and i consistantly am at the top of the leaderboard, so dont whine about me being unskilled. Sprint dominates all other armor abilities.)

      • manoman

        Oh…so halo should always stay the same and never evolve? Hmmm…you sound like those emo/anti social guys who can’t STAND revolutionizing gameplay. Idiot. 

  • Random

    People who hate armor abilities are the vast minority(although they tend to complain the most about their hatred of it). If they take all the great Reach elements like armor abilities or assassinations, refine them, and combine them with elements of previous games(dual-wielding), Halo 4 should end up great. I’m all for jetpacking around while dual-wielding. And please add more customizable features. Halo games have been known for LittleBigPlanet-like levels of customization (Forge, Custom Games, Custom Firefight, Theatre). Besides refining existing features, they should add some more like, say, the ability to customize your campaign experience. Or make your own custom weapons/vehicles/armor abilities. Like Spore. That will ensure the new Halo trilogy stays one step ahead of COD.

    • Gs21026

      As far as i know people that hate armor abilities are the majority.In my opinion they are not… eerr “bad”, but  Bungie made a lot of mistakes and changed too many things in HALO:REACH.

      • semeweme

        if they did not add the sprint and armor abilities then reach would not of been following the books. see reach was a planet were the spartan prgram was born along with hundreds of other experimental programs including the spartans armor and there abilities but when reach feel all knowledge was lost of most those programs except the spartans wich became storys of heros of legends

        • chris_l_bacon

          They did not lose all knowledge of tech when Reach fell. If you were paying attention in Halo 2, you would know that the chief got a new set of armor then.

    • iDancethroughshadoWs

      imo dual wielding wasnt done very well. i dont know id rather have one weapon and better accuarcy instead of two weapons (more power) and nearly no accuracy.

    • George-mccarthy

      “I’m all for jetpacking around while dual-wielding”.

      Did I just read that? Biggest noob I’ve ever come across.

      • manoman

        how so? Don’t be an ass, it’s not nice.

    • Jonathanf

      They are making it so as that you can customize and modify both weapons and vehicles. It’s going to be SiCK!!!

  • Mgress

    I understand a need or want to keep the classic feel, but leaving out elements like armor abilities is a terrible idea. I’m surprised to even hear people wanting such a thing. “Armor abilities” or similar class abilities are the means for FPS games to evolve into something more than simply stale shooters, which have definitely passed their Golden Age. It’s sad to see a shooter which incorporates nothing beyond a gun, health, etc. Borderlands is a great example of this. I could tolerate having no armor abilities online, but to leave them out of the story would likely yield a nasty reception of this game and potentially its failure by people wanting something more.

  • Mgress

    I understand a need or want to keep the classic feel, but
    leaving out elements like armor abilities is a terrible idea. I’m
    surprised to even hear people wanting such a thing. “Armor abilities” or
    similar class abilities are the means for FPS games to evolve into
    something more than simply stale shooters, which have definitely passed
    their Golden Age. It’s sad to see a shooter which incorporates nothing
    beyond a gun, health, etc. Borderlands is a great example of the direction shooters should be going (and a lot of them are). I
    could tolerate having no armor abilities online, but to leave them out
    of the story would likely yield a nasty reception of this game and
    potentially its failure by people wanting something more, and I for one would rather see Halo 4 usher Halo back to its rightful position as FPS king (on xbox, at least)

    • someone5

      note to the writer: its 343 Industries. not 345

    • Fafasfdafa

      Wow.  Stupidest comment i’ve read.  Ever.

      • manoman

         I agree with him, he has some good ideas. You’re just stupid and boring.

  • Brwong96

    all the halo games are awesome in their own way. each one has something different such as armor abilities in reach or equipment in halo 3 etc. i hope with halo 4 they bring back a balanced out BR as well as keep the DMR but balance those two out. I also hope they bring back weapons like the Brute Shot, Carbine, Mauler, and SMG. Also the flamethrower, flame grenades. The flare was also an interesting addition. I also miss dual wielding cuz tht was something about halo tht felt unique. I hope they also bring back the Specter cuz it was cool in halo 2. Customizing my own weapon in halo would be another cool addition, but having custom weapons in matchmaking could cause balancing issues so maybe a separate custom playlist. In terms of the class system hopefully their could be more options given to each class to give each a more distinct feel. more editing options would always be awesomee.

    • Lex

      you fucking faggot. every other shooter out there has custom classes. let halo be different. bitches like you need to go play crysis and stop ruining halo

      • LessthanthreeReach

        I’d rather fuckin ruin Halo for you so that the rest of the community that isn’t as fucking loud mouthed can enjoy new gameplay elements instead of rehashing the same game over and over.

        Bungie apologizes for innovation, we’ll leave you to play your recycled trash.

      • Manoman

        Idiot. That’s all i can say. 

    • manoman

      erm….Halo 4 isn’t gonna include the covenant anymore…so the specter, maulers, carbine wont be included. I did like the specter though, too bad it wasn’t in Halo 3 and Reach.

      • Robpatl92

        the covenant will be in halo 4 

    • Pizzaguy3000

       You are in luck, Halo 4 will have AAs though, but Halo 4 has assassinations, DMR, BR, Carbine, and Assualt Carbine, and so frag grenades.

  • So, essentially, what they are going to do is ‘retcon’ the story arch to incorporate the armor abilities… This isn’t unheard of. Retconning (Retroactive continuity) happens to a few games, most notably in the Street Fighter series.

    While I can understand the desire to add these armor abilities to the story arch, I would rather that they make sense in the story arch contained within the novels, and not just add them and ask the player to think that these armor abilities were always available to the chief, he ‘just didn’t use them.’ I will accept, though, that these armor abilities were present for other Spartans, but John never got the opportunity to use them, because he was always in the thick of the battle to where he couldn’t get such equipment.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I’m open to the change, but only if they don’t do a lackluster job of it, like which seems to be the case in most games.

  • ReachFAILEDepically

    Halo 4 is gonna be like REACH?? awwww F UCK its going to suck big balls just like REACH! it looks like my worst nightmare will come true, Halo 4 is going to be a REACH remake, S HITTY bloom and P USSY armor abilities… sad f ucking face!

    • Iheartinnovation

      Oh boo fucking hoo I guess you’d want Halo to be a rehash like CoD and never change anything to please retards that bitch over the slightest fucking change. Go play fucking Call of Duty.

      • CSlater117

        Well put… Call of Duty RUINED First person Shooters. What I don’t get is they are screwing their community hard to; they simply reskin the same game they put out 9 months ago, and you people eat it up.  I would rather see change, then eat the same shit every day, and congrats to bungie and 343 for having the balls to try something new

    • manoman

      If you don’t like it, then don’t play it. Simple!

      • Askjdskdj

        Halo is a sport. Keep armor abilities in the story where they belong. Get that shit out of ranked playlists. fucking scrubs

  • Shockmine666

    Armor Abilities is for wimps. Who actually likes the idea of Armor Lock, except for kids who got Pwned too much in Halo 3? Now they can just use abilities every 10 seconds and Pussy out of a duel.

  • Shockmine666

    It’s mind blowing how Justinoliver can say Sprinting and Jet Packs are more questionable than armor lock or Camo. Camo just sucks as an ability overall. It fades completely when you move, it screws up everyone’s radar. It’s useless. Armor lock is the cheapest. People who adore this so much are ones who just suck without it. Jet packing is whatever. It allows multi-level maps and makes people a bigger target. No real advantage. You want the two worse abilities to be kept in? You’re crazy, or just extremely noobish.

  • Ms Shenanigans

    Any real halo fan would want to see the 1-3 Halos brought back. It’s not even about the “same game over & over again” it’s about H-A-L-O. I don’t know about you guys but I miss the real halo. Reach wasn’t even halo it was just a complete sell out. All they did was make everything extremely easy so “not so good” people could be good at it & would keep playing their game, which screwed the real fans over entirely cause halo is supposed to be challenging, it took time & practice to be good at! “Evolving” is just not halo. Halo is so successful because it remains so true, I believe that Reach was a good creation for certain people but continuing on the Halo story with Halo 4 should keep its old style & not change one bit! I understand people want “change” & want it to evolve, but that just is not halo! Go play your Reach! Don’t try & change the Halo series. Halo & Reach are two way different games. In my opinion, halo was about skill. Are you really going to tell me that people jet packing up into little hiding spots camping, or armor locking everything possible and then rushing you to melee you to death takes any amount of skill at all? In halo you could face multiple people & take them out with just your Battle Rifle, Grenades, & smarts. That is halo. Reach is just too easy & boring, same old “anyone can be ‘good’ at by the first day of playing it” type of game. So all I ask is keep it real & don’t go off of Reach cause that just is not Halo to very many fans, not just me! If I could, I’d still be playing Halo 2! =(

  • Lachlan

    I would personally like to see armour abilities go. I understand Bungie wanted to make Halo evolve and change, but armour abilities upset so many of the gameplay elements in the Halo multiplayer. Not only do I feel that armour abilities have changed gameplay for the worse and dumbed the skill previously involved in being good at the multiplayer down completely, I also feel that they have attracted an undesirable community of players who were too impatient or stupid to play the previous halo games. These people are unpleasant to play with and often exploit gameplay elements in annoying or unfair way.

  • v HalosJanitor

    i love the first 3 halos,its the reason i bought an xbox and sold my ps2.reach is ok,but i long for my BR and super jumps and i want to be a 50 again.halo 3 is still the best multiplayer.if halo 4 multiplayer ends up like reach and not halo 3 then i will sell my xbox and buy a PS3.master chief is a high jumping,duel wielding,bad-ass.PLEASE do not turn him into a meager noble 6.