E3 2011: It’s PlayStation Vita, and Here’s The Price

It’s no longer called the . The has a name, Kaz Hirai took the stage at Sony’s press conference to announce the , the official name of the handheld.

means life [in Latin],” Hirai said, when unveiling the platform. “And we’re confident that will be the first product that blurs the lines between reality and interactive entertainment.” There are two models; the WiFi model for $249, and 3G broadband model for $299. The device will launch “in global markets starting the end of 2011.”

  • Danielwilson

    do not get the 3ds sucks fail play 3d only 10 minutes one anolog stick equals fail GET THE PLAYTSTATION VITA 2 anolog stick touch screen on back and front you dont need to buy games awesome cool games uncharted call of duty    call of duty will make zombies  if you wait 2013

    • Monsterhunter418

      DUMB statement a handheld system doesnt need 2 sticks to be great you just dont have 2 analogs to play your shooters cry else where, especially where someone cares its a handheld be lucky you can game and travel JERK

  • Monsterhunter418

    3DS is awesome dont listen to anyone who says different the 3D effect id a bit overwhelming at first but playing Ocarina of Time is amazing Starfox will be amazing, the real true games that you cant get elsewhere im sure will blow you away. everyone always has something to complain about. i have a 3DS and i am getting a Vita and yes the Vita will be down right awesome but dont throw nintendo out of the picture or listen to idiots saying it sucks because it dont,

  • danielmangka

    He is Kratos??