PAX East 2011: The Iterative Evolution of BioShock Infinite

During a discussion panel, Irrational Games demonstrated the early design concepts behind BioShock Infinite, its upcoming project. The discussion ultimately led to a concept image — a dark and ominous skyborne utopia — an inspiration behind the upcoming project.

However, the team describe the image as “too claustrophobic.” The project will be a brighter, more open, one that builds on the spirit of “exceptionalism” that once characterized America. “[The image] was a step in the right direction, but not far enough,” said Ken Levine. The original plan the team constructed was to take BioShock and push it airborne, but Rapture was “dank, dark, and sinister.”

In addition, Levine also discussed Skylines, a rail-based system and the primary method of transportation in the sequel. “[It’s] like being on a roller coaster while hanging in the air, and you have a fucking gun,” said Levine, when describing Infinite’s transportation system.