CES 2011: Toshiba Demoing Glasses-Free 3D TVs

, the Japanese hardware manufacture, have made good on its word. According to the companies executives, will be “kicking” things into “high gear” going into the upcoming fiscal year.

That said, the company will be to showcasing its 56-inch and 65-inch prototype televisions, which will feature its three-dimensional tech, at CES. Reuters reports that Toshiba expects launch two models, one over 40-inches and another over 50-inches.

“These will not only be for the Japanese market, but also America, Europe and China,” said Toshiba’s Atsushi Murasawa, clearing up the question of the televisions distribution.

No other details where given about the televisions, however Toshiba did state that its “view point overlay technology”, featured in the televisions, will allow viewers to move their heads without compromising the three-dimensional effect.