Alan Wake: The Writer Review “It Ends Here”

There’s alot that could be said about the original Alan Wake; it was an expansive title that delivered in almost every area. But, unfortunately, the title was very predictable and some of the gameplay segments feel out of place and monotonous. However, “The Writer“, the second downloadable episode, vastly learns from the originals short comings — delivering a even more expansive experience.

The Writer” continues at the end of “The Signal“, the foremost downloadable episode, as our protagonist is trapped within the confines of his imagination. Though this doesn’t mean more combat variations, the absence of realism leads to some of the more interesting combat and environmental scenarios; the additions of platforming segments and illuminating words add scents of bewilderment.

However, the presence of collectibles scattered throughout the world still feel like an unnecessary preponderance — seeing that the collectibles no longer fit within the confines of the plot. But, that’s just a minor dimer on its presentation. Everything else — including the light mechanics, and level design — are still borderline excellent. And, much like in the past, the camera still remains and issue.

Closing Statement:

Though there isn’t much improvement overall, the combination of platforming segments and illuminating words seem to make this addition worth while. However, much like the original, there aren’t that many memorable moments. That said, it’s an impressive end to an overall impressive plot.

Final Score: 7.1