GamesCom 2010: Mortal Kombat’s Post-Launch Balancing

In a fighting game, an unblockable fighting combo can turn an otherwise enjoyable online experience problematic. That said, series creator Ed Boon states that the newest Mortal Kombat is being built with better online balancing in mind, letting the developer finesse certain aspects of the combat after it ship — without the excessive need for software patches.

“Everybody wants to ship the perfectly balanced game, but when it has been played for six months and beat on by everybody, players are going to find its weaknesses,” Boon told Kotaku. “We’re actually putting stuff in the game that lets us ‘turn knobs’ after the [game ships]. We have knobs that we can turn to further tweak the game once we know everyone has been bashing on it.”

“I mean, we can’t add a special move, but we can slow a projectile down or speed a projectile up or tweak the damage, just to kind of fine tune it after the fact,” he continued. Boon then continues to reveal NetherRealm Studios’ plans for “aggressive” downloadable content for Mortal Kombat — Boon even promises real post-launch content “that isn’t already on the disc”.

  • Can’t wait!!! YES!!!

  • TomLikesGuitar

    “Boon even promises real post-launch content ‘that isn’t already on the disc’.”

    Why is this any more acceptable?

    They made the content and could have put it on the disc, but chose not to…

    That’s really scummy business regardless.