E3 2010: Nintendo 3DS Features Software Installs

There’s no doubt that the 3DS is a capable piece of hardware. It’s a device jam-packed with many impressive current-gen technologies, including a high-resolution top screen, a motion sensor and a gyroscope. However, didn’t stop there: they also included software installs.

According to , a Japanese business magazine — because of the inclusions of software installs — gamers will be able to install multiple full games onto the handheld’s internal memory unit. Installed games can then be selected from a menu screen.

Nikkei notes that due to this feature, there’ll be no need to swap cartridges; when outside of the home, you won’t need to carry game cartridges with you. However, Nikkei didn’t detail the number of games that could be installed, or the process of installing these games.

[3DS Features Software Install via Andriasang]

  • Even before 3DS was announced, a number of insiders speculated that 3D would be just one of the system’s many features. This proved to be the case, and aside from these software installs, the system also has high quality visuals and advanced wireless capabilities.


    I WILL GET THIS FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oh my ~ look at those grafix ! I am definitely buying one as soon as it comes out !

  • So you guys already get screenshots? I can wait now.

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    Nintendo 3DS is really cool gaming gadget to own. I am really impressed by its support to install softwares on it. I am try to install music player on it and I am succesfull to do it.

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