Kratos Returns To The PSP In “Ghost of Sparta”

Ready at Dawn, the developer behind the original God of War PlayStation Portable title, have announced the sequel, God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Following right after the events of the original God of War — not to be mistaken with Chains of Olympus — the sequel follows “Kratos’ ascension to power as the God of War.”

Developed in a collaborative effort between Ready at Dawn and Santa Monica Studio, Ghost of Sparta follows Kratos’ quest to rid the nightmares that have haunted him. In order to do this, “Kratos must embark on a journey that will reveal the origins of lost worlds, and finally answer long-awaited questions about his tattoo, scar and family.”

“Excitement for the God of War franchise is at an all-time high and we’re thrilled to continue that momentum with God of War: Ghost of Sparta,” said Scott A. Steinberg, vice president of SCEA. “This new adventure will showcase Kratos on PSP like never before in an experience that fans and newcomers can enjoy on the go, anytime, anywhere.”

The game is said to have more than 25 percent more gameplay than its PSP counterpart. It will, also, have a new weapon system, new magical powers, weapons and navigational abilities and many more enemies on screen with a greater number of boss encounters.