PAX East 10: Dead Space 2’s Limb Dismemberment System

There’s alot about the original that captivated us, one of those increments were its strategic limb dismemberment system. In a brief conversation with Kotaku, exclusive producer talked briefly about the sequel’s strategic limb dismemberment system — even though the developer is very “hush-hush” about the sequel.

Papoutsis said that, while the strategic dismemberment system is still in place, you’ll be able to do more with the limbs once you cut them off. “Imagine if you will,” Steve proposes. “Slice off limb, slasher blade, TK (telekinesis) the slasher blade, shoot slasher blade at the enemy, nail enemy to the wall.”

“That way if you run out of ammo, you can just go for some limbs,” he continued. This is excellent news, seeing that, in the original, running short on ammo was a prevalent problem — in other words, the developer is looking to do “much” more with the dismemberment system this time around, and that’s great news.