Medal of Honor Not Compatible With “Move”

Though developers can quickly integrate the technology into their games, the upcoming Medal of Honor reboot won’t take advantage of Sony’s motion tech. According to Medal of Honor creative director, Richard Farrelly, the upcoming Medal of Honor reboot will not feature “PlayStation Move” capability.

“We had a look at it, but we decided that it needed to have a meaningful application for us to use it – which it didn’t this time. We rule out anything that risks feeling like a gimmick,” Farrelly explained.

Last night, Move was announced as the proper name for the PlayStation motion controller after months of speculation. It’s was announced that it uses a combination of wand-style controlling devices and the PlayStation Eye camera to track movement. Move will launch at a “sub $100” price tag — with three featured bundles — this fall.

  • Ronnykampers

    It will be a mistake not to implement move support. Move will give you more precise control then the controller ever will. Finally giving back the precision we had with the mouse on the pc.

    I bet they will release a patch after they witness the huge succes Killzone 3 and related games are gonna have with move support.

  • JjAr

    fo shizzle